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Beach Party!

Not a rain drop was wasted.

Beach Party!-1.0
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15 Apr 2021 17 Apr 2021
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This can only be completed on NG+

This is unlocked by not raining at all on the Beach level in NG+

After completing the game go all the way back down the map to the beach level and use only the tornado to throw all of the humans into the ocean.
*I got it after getting hit but some users are reporting that it didn't unlock until they did it without taking damage so if it's not unlocking just avoid the sun. No timer so just be careful

Below is a clip I made showing this achievement's requirements and all tasks to unlock sunglasses for the other achievement
Stylish Cloud

BuryMyValentineTried this 3 times and took damage the first 2, for me I had to complete without taking damage to get it to unlock.
Posted by BuryMyValentine on 16 Apr at 22:53
RustyBonceSame as BuryMyValentine, you can only get the achievement if you take no damage!
Posted by RustyBonce on 17 Apr at 09:16
Calex dEUSYeah same for me didn't work if I took damage, I assume it's because taking damage consumes water so that makes sense.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 17 Apr at 17:32
iAFXiDuring NG+, I started the Beach level and ended it immediately without playing it at all, then the achievement popped. Not sure if I just got lucky or not, but this trick may work for others.
Posted by iAFXi on 21 Apr at 19:00
Joco200Starting the level then quitting worked for me too.
Posted by Joco200 on 22 Apr at 10:13
DeadlyDiddlyI've completed the game but the NG+ doesn't appear on Beach Party, any ideas why?
Posted by DeadlyDiddly on 13 May at 13:29
NekoGeoI confirm that starting then quitting the level worked for me.
Posted by NekoGeo on 17 May at 18:28
skittlebizI think you have to avoid the Sun on this one, as I just tried three times and finally popped it by avoiding the sun.
Posted by skittlebiz on 24 May at 23:56
DarkPaul64Just starting and quitting the level worked for me also. I tried 3 times before that and took no damage and no achievement.
Posted by DarkPaul64 on 02 Jun at 23:41