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Planting A Flag

Earn a total of 250 CTF Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.

Planting A Flag0
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01 May 2021 01 May 2021
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I've been overthinking the non-boost way to do this for days.

Best way I found to do this is 4v4 Halo: CE. Sneak to the enemy flag (CE has no radar) and grab it then immediately throw it wherever the enemies are and hide near the flag spawn. Once they recover it, pick it up from spawn and throw it at them again. You get a medal every time you pick it up and CE has instant flag return. I would get like 12+ a game depending on the enemy team's skill and map. Works best on maps with hiding spots like hang 'em high or wizard. Bonus points for killing an afk with it first
CaranthialWorks like a charm! Appreciate it tho
Posted by Caranthial on 15 Dec 21 at 01:45