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Score 500,000 on any song in a Co-op match

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14 Mar 2009
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really easy to do on "One" - I played bass on med. and my wife played guitar on easy and got like 521,000
MoostardI did it local with a friend and it didn't pop... Does it have to be in band play or quick play or over live or should it not matter?
Posted by Moostard on 20 Apr 11 at 19:30
MjolnerdI was a little skeptical about whether point totals like this were really possible on these difficulties, and as it turns out, YES, they are. I tried four times today over Live and we got 505,000, 524,000, 499,000 and 518,000 -- the achievement didn't pop the first (or second) time we broke the half-million mark.

We went back and tried a public match (one of us set up a match and the other found it by searching) and finally got it to pop (for both the host and the guest at the same time). I can't say whether it always needs to be done that way; a few achievements in this game seem to be unreliable like that. But that's what worked for us.
Posted by Mjolnerd on 11 May 11 at 00:54
TheDude7224-5 attempts, over 500k each time, no pop... friend hosted (popped for her but not me), so then I hosted, and nothing
Posted by TheDude722 on 31 May 12 at 00:39