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Be the Knife

Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.

Be the Knife0
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This one can be challenging with Sheva always shooting the crossbow guys. When there's multiple guys with the bows, just put a good amount of distance between you and them. This allows you to see the arrow coming from a distance and gives you about a second or so to time it just right. Took me a few tries because Sheva kept shooting them all. But when I got to finally take a swing it only took me two tries. Good luck!
JoshnormWhere is this area at? What chapter?
Posted by Joshnorm on 14 Mar 09 at 13:24
WicelowChapter 2-1 is a good spot.

At the beginning, there is a "crate labyrinth" with many crossbow guys.
Posted by Wicelow on 15 Mar 09 at 02:39
KillaKoala07I have found that the best spot to do this is on 2-3 I think it is the train yard there are 3 crossbow guys on the top of the trains clear everything out and then go up on top and kill all but one the timing is rather simple from the time you see the flame light on the crossbow it is 3.75 sec until they shoot. I have found if you go up to the like a foot away and just time it right you will get it
Posted by KillaKoala07 on 16 Mar 09 at 18:06
ZeroThresholdYou can always take Sheva's gun away too. :) Or play on co-op.
Posted by ZeroThreshold on 17 Mar 09 at 15:56
VT PrfNutbutterI did this on 2-1 after the helicopter arrives. I did it in the open square and let the guy (in front of the building you get the rifle from) shoot at me. Took me one try.
Posted by VT PrfNutbutter on 07 May 09 at 09:58
GrimNightsXIt worked best for me at 2-2 after you kill all the dogs. Kill 2 of the 3 crossbows and just give Sheva the Stun Rod so can defend herself.
Posted by GrimNightsX on 07 Jun 09 at 04:34
TurboTony19I must be really lucky because i got this one before 1-3 and i didn't even know i had done it until i just checked through my achievement list. I did this with a human team mate so i can see why that would be helpful.
Posted by TurboTony19 on 23 Aug 09 at 22:01
AlhiadosJust take out her guns!!!
Posted by Alhiados on 18 Nov 09 at 18:00
GnomishNinjaIt took me a couple dozen tries, but I finally got this by standing about 10 ft back from the majini and swinging wildly while my co-op partner stood by to heal me. This was on chapter 2-1.
Posted by GnomishNinja on 08 Mar 10 at 06:00