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Complete 5 Expert puzzles without using a Reshuffle, Undo, or Hint.

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18 May 2021 23 Dec 2021
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An easy way to get this is by grinding Puzzle 269 of Pack 3. There are two flat triangular wedges sealed by four pieces on each end, and on the sides of them are two 2x4 blocks. First, focus on clearing out the side blocks. Now, with the main portion of the puzzle, since the pieces are in a line, the puzzle will be very easy to solve. If it's solvable, it will be an easy solve. Sometimes, you'll end up being given an unsolvable puzzle for which a reshuffle is required. Simply exit to the menu and select this puzzle again. I found that selecting new game doesn't count towards this achievement. You have to exit to the puzzle menu and reselect the puzzle. Repeat this whole process until you've solved the puzzle five times and you'll have your achievement.

Working order: The order you use may depend on the way the different tiles are arranged. Sometimes, you may be able to use the side blocks as reservoirs for spare pieces, ensuring that you don't run out of matches by the end of the main solve. Otherwise, you should probably use up the side blocks first.

Careful: If two pieces are on the wedges, you want to match them together. Otherwise, you may end up with a piece that doesn't have a match. So try to avoid matching pieces on the wedges with side block pieces unless there's no other alternative.

Other than that, just keep uniformly revealing pieces and you should do fine.

Pacing: You want to take your time in the beginning as this is where the most mistakes occur. Once you get midway through the puzzle and are mainly working on the two main wedges, you can relax and make all of the matches you want. Just keep it stable. From this point it will be easy as you know there will always be a way to make progress and find new matches. If you run out of moves late into the puzzle, then simply return to the menu, come back and re-attempt the puzzle. It's rare for this to happen.

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