Dark Grim Mariupolis Review by GR34TD3STR0Y3R

27 May 2021
4 2 0
2-min review:

You are probably here to find out if this game is worth your time and money for an easy completion. The short answer is yes. In less than an hour you can rack up 3000g. But sadly there really is no redeeming qualities to this game other than the quick gamerscore.

This is a point and click adventure. There are just so many better point and click games that, if you enjoy the genre, are infinitely better than this game.

It is highly recommend that you follow a guide along. If you follow a written or video guide, step by step, then you can finish in 30 to 40 minutes. (I did not follow one simple step, I entered a room, GASP, before clicking on something, and had to restart the game. There is only one instance of this in the game).

Its not a fun game, its a bit of a drag to just follow a guide the entire time, but 30 minutes for 3000 is a no-brainer for easy completions.

Easy gamescore rating: 5/5