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Amazing Job!

In one play session, gain 50,000 CASPO while playing Score Challenge or Timed Challenge mode.

Amazing Job!-2.3
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Reverend M3TAReverend M3TA694,566
31 May 2021 31 May 2021
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I did this in Battle Circuit using Timed Challenge mode.
You can die and continue as much as you want, just press cn_RS to add "credits" and cn_back to continue.

Without doing anything special*, I played through the game in just over 34 minutes and earned 296,100 CASPO which was more than enough to pop all 3 achievements related to this.

Capcom Arcade StadiumGood Job!The Good Job! achievement in Capcom Arcade Stadium worth 172 pointsIn one play session, gain 10,000 CASPO while playing Score Challenge or Timed Challenge mode.

Capcom Arcade StadiumGreat Job!The Great Job! achievement in Capcom Arcade Stadium worth 255 pointsIn one play session, gain 25,000 CASPO while playing Score Challenge or Timed Challenge mode.

Battle Circuit is a beat 'em up (aka 'brawler') available in the 3rd DLC pack: Capcom Arcade Stadium Pack 3: Arcade Evolution (’92 – ’01)

Battle Circuit tips: use the character Cyber Blue, you can increase damage output by jumping and pressing cn_Y**, hold down cn_X to combo attacks as well as speed through dialog, save up 400 coins and buy the max HP upgrade ASAP, followed by whatever else you want except don't waste the 1000 coins on "extend".

* apparently you gain more points/CASPO if you don't Rewind (cn_RT) at all
** if you get bored of just using Blue, then Alien Green and Pink Ostrich also work well -- Green can use his special to heal, and Pink's "deathblow" special increases critical hit chance; all of the characters activate their special ability the same way, jump + cn_Y (or alternatively you can jump and press cn_A + cn_B)

If you own DLC pack 2, I have read that you can play through Captain Commando in Timed Challenge mode in about 32 minutes and score more than 50,000 CASPO as well, grabbing all 3 related achievements in one go.
KrispyKr1tter66Tried to do this with street fighter and earned 150k caspo but achievement didn’t unlock
Posted by KrispyKr1tter66 on 07 Jun 21 at 00:25
Reverend M3TA@KrispyKr1tter66 - you were in Score Challenge or Timed Challenge mode and not the standard game?
I would say try playing a different game for awhile, enough to earn a couple thousand caspo, then come back and play whichever version of Street Fighter again, then see if maybe the achievement pops when you exit that time?
Posted by Reverend M3TA on 07 Jun 21 at 18:48
KrispyKr1tter66I did timed challenge I’ll try that out thanks
Posted by KrispyKr1tter66 on 08 Jun 21 at 05:14
Reverend M3TA@Krispy - before getting these in Battle Circuit, I had tried playing 1943 in Score Challenge mode and got 10,000 caspo but it didn't pop the Good Job achievement, so these may be glitchy. Good luck!
Posted by Reverend M3TA on 09 Jun 21 at 20:44
vSullyIf anyone is going for this with the free game (1943), you need a score of a little over 2 million. Brutal.

The CASPO formula for this game is score/50 * 1.2 (ranking bonus) + 1000 (new game bonus), so 2,041,667 is the exact calculation.
Posted by vSully on 12 Jun 21 at 04:13
BrutalGuitarI got this off Final Fight time challenge. I beat it in 47 minutes. I got 138,682 CASPO. Well more than what needed. Super easy since you have unlimited continues. I would recommend going for this on games that have the time challenge since you get unlimited continues. The games that have the score challenge don't have unlimited continues.
Posted by BrutalGuitar on 21 Jun 21 at 03:34
Nightmare ClownBionic Commando is pretty easy to do if any cant do or dont own the others suggested. Its timed challenge wants you to beat the game twice. This only takes around 25 mins, game only has 5 levels. You can continue as many times as you want. I got 100,000 for beating the game twice.
Posted by Nightmare Clown on 25 Jun 21 at 03:46
DarrenlloydSection Z for me. Apparently I'm number two in the world.
Posted by Darrenlloyd on 29 Sep 21 at 19:19