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Ace of Adventure

In a peg defying feat, score 20 million points in a single play-through of Adventure mode.

Ace of Adventure+0.3
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14 Mar 2009
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I'd refer to TwistedEuclid's guide found here:


This is very easy using the massive bonuses given for not retrying. If you are about to lose, go to Xbox Dashboard (restarting or quitting from the game will still be marked as a failure). Then reload the game and adventure mode, your progress will be saved up to that level and you can try again. Completing each level with no retries nets you a 100k bonus, and (if this is anything like the PC game), you will get a 10 MILLION 'efficiency' bonus at the end of the game for no retries throughout (less if you did retry, but still millions)!

So considering the bonuses, you only need to get 82k a stage :P


Full credit goes to TwistedEuclid.
Elem3ntal80It is also a lot easier on your second playthrough since you get to choose any of the characters before every round...might not have as many failures this way.
Posted by Elem3ntal80 on 16 Mar 09 at 21:07
EvoHeroI don't really have the time to back this up with further research, but it would appear that each retry takes off 200K from the efficiency bonus at the end of the game. I had a couple of times where I didn't go to the Dashboard fast enough and ended up with two retries for a total deduction of 400K.
Posted by EvoHero on 18 Mar 09 at 01:42
xbox4xmas07Thanks to Opayk for the link and info - worked like a charm! I would also agree with EvoHero - I had 3 retries for 600K. Thanks for helping!
Posted by xbox4xmas07 on 08 May 09 at 23:02
OnzaThanks for the redirect... I better be quick on heading back to the dash (can anyone confirm how quick?).
Posted by Onza on 13 May 09 at 21:21
OpaykDefinitely before the ball crosses the the lower part of the screen, just about where the buckets would be when you finish a level. . Generally, as soon as I can see that the ball's not going to be hitting any more pegs, I hit the button.
Posted by Opayk on 14 May 09 at 10:49
Daddyfatchopsthank you for the link and the info. i finished with 1 retry and 29mil points. took me about 6 hours. ranked 119 on the leaderboards. this is easy to get!!
Posted by Daddyfatchops on 13 Sep 09 at 19:43
Can the achievement be obtained in Peggle Nights's Adventure mode or is it purely regular Peggle's Adventure mode?
Posted on 24 Nov 09 at 22:52
ForzaFun2021Cheers for this. I already screwed up my first playthrough due to retries and currently being halfway through, so I will get this on my second playthrough. :)
Posted by ForzaFun2021 on 31 Jan 10 at 23:19
Senor SlurpeeOpayk you should updat this to include the "more efficient" solution that someone posted on that thread you link to. I'm referring to the sign in sign out method that in my mind would be way way quicker than going to dash right?
Posted by Senor Slurpee on 07 Apr 10 at 22:51
Cheese TouchIf you are going to be signing in and out, go to the options from the guide and pick "appear offline". Your friends probably don't want to see you pop in and out of Live every 15 minutes.
Posted by Cheese Touch on 22 Jun 10 at 11:24
IxI KILLINGI'm not sure if anyone else noticed this but i had to retry one of the levels but instead of hitting "try again", I just went straight to dashboard, it never counted it as a retry so that's a little tip for the ones trying to get it.
Posted by IxI KILLING on 23 Jun 10 at 07:03
El BuczSilly one - do I have to do this one in one sitting? Cause I get the point with "do not retry - go to the Dashboard instead", but no one mentioned it this way, so I'm asking ; )
Posted by El Bucz on 13 Oct 10 at 14:18
OjotangoJust to add what I've found: No, you don't have to do it in one sitting - I started a game about 18 months ago and just got the achievement for finishing. I don't know if you can get it in the 'nights' levels, but I used Marina and still got it, so no problem there; and again, I had 25 restarts and got a 5 million efficiency bonus, further proving the 200k per restart observation.
Posted by Ojotango on 16 Nov 10 at 19:05
HoffmanThis was a lot easier to do with the dashboard option. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by Hoffman on 18 May 11 at 02:38
Boots OrionThanks...will try it soon. BTW - who the hell gave this solution a -ve vote?
Posted by Boots Orion on 27 Jun 11 at 02:35
Meteor245Just tried this out today (juli 4th 2011) and it appears it now does know it's not your first try, even if you either sign out or dashboard. BUT it will now always then assume it was your second try (even if you dashboarded on the same level multiple times) and give you 50.000 points, but no longer 100.000 for first try. Perhaps that still works if you clear cache and not update the game but I have not yet tried that out, might try that later today.
Posted by Meteor245 on 04 Jul 11 at 11:57
Meteor245I forgot I bought the game on my old xbox, so I cannot play it offline, perhaps someone else can test if you still get the full first try bonus after signing out/dashboarding if you do not install the update?
Posted by Meteor245 on 04 Jul 11 at 12:06
Meteor245ok last post ;) seems like after clearing the cache, and updating the game again (so you play online normally) it went back to counting dashboards/signouts as first try! excellent :) Perhaps clearing the cache fixed something that was causing it to say second try, not sure how or why, but it works again. Thanks for the guide! (already gave thumbs up before posting comments)
Posted by Meteor245 on 04 Jul 11 at 12:20
TD2013I think clearing the cache get rid of some patches or something like that? But can you delete it while signed on? And do you only have to delete it the one time?
Posted by TD2013 on 13 Jul 11 at 04:28
I8ITackyticsI8IAs of 09/09/2011, I got this achievement from start to finish. There is no update that stops the sign in/sign out or dashboard method gaining the first try every time. You do not need to clear your cache. Make sure you do NOT fire the last ball unless you are certain it is going to hit an orange peg. If you do this, getting this achievement will be easy. I got 27 million when I did this including a 10 million bonus efficiency at the end. This achievement should take you about 4 hours. Good luck!
Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 09 Sep 11 at 20:52
II Hektek IIAt last .. Thanks for the tip... Just got cheevo .. Done it in one session, now my eyes are numb :S
Posted by II Hektek II on 11 Oct 11 at 23:57
metalheadjedCheers for the dashboard solution, shame about the new dash making it a massive pain with loading times.
Posted by metalheadjed on 08 Jan 12 at 16:46
Solario32Yes you can choose any character Clutch Corey.
Posted by Solario32 on 24 May 16 at 01:48
planchetflawFor anyone that doesn't wish to do the Dashboard method, this isn't a hard achievement and most should get it on their first play-through.
Posted by planchetflaw on 31 May 16 at 09:23
TearyVenus8606I think on my first playthrough I got around 15 million, but using this method + playing more carefully I got almost 28 million this time around :D stuck with the zen ball for probably 80 or 90% of the levels
Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 05 Jun 16 at 22:21
phrozanHow does the dashboard method work while trying to complete this game on your xbox one? Do you still dashboard and then do you quit or do you just turn your console off? Thanks for the help!
Posted by phrozan on 06 Aug 17 at 21:28
madmaxeyOn xbox one you dashboard and quit and it should work fine.
Posted by madmaxey on 16 Aug 18 at 01:26