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Complete all China Rising Assignments

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Not from me just post for anyone looking for the assignments.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Get a kill with the bombing raid 0/1

Even though this states the Prerequisite, wait till Level 20 to unlock this. You will have to unlock another Assignment anyways that will require you to bomb people in the bomber so skip it for now.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Air Superiority ribbon 0/1
- Jet Fighter ribbon 0/3

For the Air Superiority Ribbon, you just have to play and win a round of Air Superiority. If anyone has a win on this gametype already, in game before you spawn click Team Management (Y) to bring up the teams, then click in your Right Thumbstick to switch teams. Then have the 1 person with the win on the losing team and the others on the winning and capture the points and let the time run, or work on:
The Jet Fighter ribbons require you to get 6 kills in a jet in a round. Have the bulletsponge fly in a straight line, use your two auto-lock missles on him, spray with the Machine Gun a bit and if need be use the missles again.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
Must Get Assault Ribbon's before your "In A Round"
- Assault ribbon 0/3
- In a round: a kill with pistol, a kill with 40mm grenade, and a kill with the defibrillator. 0/0/0

You NEED to get the 3 Assault Ribbons before attempting the second part of the Accolade. This is done with 6 kills from an Assault Rifle in a round. 18 Kills in a row and you're golden.
AFTER you get the 3 Assault Ribbons, use the Assault Class and make sure you're geared up with a Pistol (Not the Shorty shotgun as it does not count), the M320 HE (that's your 40mm GL), and the Defibrillator (Your third unlock, you have to charge these fully before you hit someone with them and wait till you hear that whine... Approximately 5 seconds)

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA 0/1
- Anti-Vehicle Ribbon 0/3

Portable AA's are like "The Stinger" that locks onto helicopters and fires a locked missile. Just get one kill/heli destroyed.
Anti-Vehicle Ribbons are just destroying 2 vehicles. These will come automatically boosting other stuff so don't worry about it at all.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Get 1 Mortar kill 0/1
- LMG ribbon 0/3

The mortar is unlocked a little ways into the Support Class. That being said, you have two options. Either A) Work on other stuff while playing Support until you unlock it... Or B) Hopefully one of your boosters has the Mortar unlocked. Simply have them equip it, kill them, and pick up their loadout. Hit left or right on the DPAD to pull it out and you're good to go.
LMG Ribbon's are gained by getting 6 kills with an LMG in one Round.

Must Get Sniper Ribbon's before the "In A Round"
Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Sniper ribbon 0/3
- In a round: a kill with a shotgun, a kill with a DMR, and a kill with C4. 0/0/0

Sniper Ribbon is 6 kills with a sniper in a round.
Spawn as a Sniper, get a kill with a shotgun, switch to DMR or pick it up off of someone you killed and get a kill, then toss a C4 (Left or right on the DPAD then right trigger to toss) and detonate it with LT.

- Get 15 kills with the bombing raid 0/15
- Destroy an enemy bomber 0/1

Even though this says Level 10, wait till Level 20 to save time as another Assignment requires this as well. Bombing raids are when you go into a little hut and take control of a bomber from high up and can launch either 4 little bombs (when you hit RT you wont hear anything but I assure you if you look at the bottom right your ammo will go down. It takes a while to reach target and you may see target designators for this) or a Cruise Missile but I don't recommend it. The maps for this are either Silk Road in the China Rising DLC, or better yet Operation Whiteout (F? It's a submarine sticking out of the ice.) in Final Stand. I found Final Stand better as [C] is higher up, the white of the snow makes it easier to see the targets. You can zoom in with LT while you're in the ship, but i'd allow you to get a bit closer but not over your targets as firing from far away provides an angle and sometimes will miss your targets even if it was seemingly a direct hit versus dropping them on the party.
Destroying a bomber can be troublesome. Essentially when you guys are doing this, have the guy about to spawn in the Bomber tell you he's ready and two of you go to the side of the map it spawns with Jets. When close tell him to get in. When it comes into view both of you fire your missles and have the bomber call out his damage as you circle around. If he's above 50, have the other jet hit him with rockets again and have at'er with yours and finish up with your minigun. If below, have the guy do some machine gun fly by with you, have the bomber stop him at 20% and use your rockets. I suggest the opposite map for this Silk Road in China Rising.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- In a round: a kill with a sniper rifle, a kill with an assault rifle, a kill with an LMG, and a kill with a hand grenade. 0/0/0/0

Spawn as an assault, get your assault rifle and grenade kills, switch to an LMG and if you can't switch to Support, get an LMG kill, then either pick up a sniper loadout from your victim or switch to a sniper and take him down. That simple.

Prerequisites: Rank 20, EYES IN THE SKY IS REQUIRED
- Bomber Delivery ribbon 0/3
- Get 20 UCAV kills 0/20
- Score a multikill

Alright this one's a little crappy. So a Bomber Delivery ribbon is by killing 3 people per round in a bomber (See why I made you guys wait for the others?) So you'll get 9 kills (if boosting with 3 others) easily by getting the 3 ribbons and can mop up your other 6 with two more fly bys.
The UCAV... Oh boy... It's in the Support Class. I don't remember if you needed to unlock this or if it was just unlocked but ill update this later. Either unlock it or kill someone and pick up their pack with it equipped. Don't try using it to get kills. Have everyone group together with two people beside eachother and one in between them but still slightly behind them and plant the tube down so it's pretty much in all their faces. Fire and it should either roadkill or preferably detonate immediately and kill all three.
The multikill will happen with the bomber delivery so dont worry about it.

Prerequisite: Rank 10
- Play 10 hours of China Rising 0/10
- Get a kill streak of 5 0/5
- Get a kill with SUAV 0/1

Not much I can say here. You can idle in the lobbies that you rent, or play legitimately. I hate when people tell me to play legitimately but there's no making this faster. If you have time on your servers everyone ready up, jump in, and let Conquest run the full hour on a China Rising map. Do this 10 times and that's done.
The 5 kill streak is going to happen no matter what if you're boosting so don't worry about it.
SUAV is easy too. Grab the Sniper Class and have the opponent stand in front of you and throw it through them for a roadkill. Not sure if it needs to be unlocked but if so just wait till you level a bit more, or have someone equip it, kill them and steal their pack.