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A Pirate's Life for Me

Complete all Commendations for the 'Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life' Tall Tales.

A Pirate's Life for Me-1.5
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Mynx SethMynx Seth1,129,853
25 Jun 2021 25 Jun 2021
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For anyone stuck on 99% contact Rare via a support ticket on and explain thats how they unlocked it for me. When you receive an email back from them you saying they have unlocked it you then need to load into a server and a few seconds later it will pop.
Erico360They just told me they're working on a fix.
Posted by Erico360 on 25 Jun 21 at 20:47
Mynx SethWell this morning they fixed it for me that way and as I was getting bombarded with messages about how I got it unlocked i thought i'd post here. Sorry I couldn't help.
Posted by Mynx Seth on 26 Jun 21 at 00:03
Rubber DucksssI contacted Rare for a ticket 25/06 at about 8pm. And 5 hours later, I got an email confirming the achievement had been unlocked on my account. All I did was then load up the game, and it popped!
Posted by Rubber Ducksss on 26 Jun 21 at 00:45
JMRLonewolfSame. Achievement went through, luckily.
Posted by JMRLonewolf on 26 Jun 21 at 01:26
oH PricEsent a ticket and it was processed within a couple hours ! thanks for the tip !
Posted by oH PricE on 26 Jun 21 at 02:15
SistedodItaTicket open at 23:30 they sayd ive to wait 72h cause Need to register properly 👎
Posted by SistedodIta on 26 Jun 21 at 08:36
FitzirI sent a ticket at 23:30 23 of June (BST) and they said they have past the bug onto the development team. This really annoys me as I grinded to find all the journals and puzzles to try and be one of the first to get it.
Posted by Fitzir on 26 Jun 21 at 09:36
SK4TE HIGHSame as Sistedodlta they said I need to wait 72 hours but there is a 3GB patch to download right now so lets see if this makes any difference
Posted by SK4TE HIGH on 26 Jun 21 at 12:11
Zen VendettaI was responded to with the 72 hours wait response as well. When I asked them to force unlock it, I had already been waiting 48 hours. I was hoping this update today would include a fix for this, but it still appears to be broken. I dislike the inconsistency on how they are dealing with this issue.
Posted by Zen Vendetta on 26 Jun 21 at 12:47
Zyxafter update still stuck at 99%...I submitted a ticket, let's see the reply
Posted by Zyx on 26 Jun 21 at 14:00
Zyxdouble post, sorry
Posted by Zyx on 26 Jun 21 at 14:00
AKAGreenwayI received a reply and they said that it is fixed if you are to unlock it after the hotfix.

If you unlocked it before the hotfix replay lords of the sea. For me it unlocked halfway through.
Posted by AKAGreenway on 26 Jun 21 at 21:20
Zen VendettaCan confirm that re-doing the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale did unlock it for my friend and I midway through the tale.
Posted by Zen Vendetta on 27 Jun 21 at 03:40
ManicMetalheadTo confirm the above, I replayed Lords of the Sea, this achievement popped after destroying all of the siren statues.
Posted by ManicMetalhead on 28 Jun 21 at 12:40
개장수no problem for me. after hotfix..
Posted by 개장수 on 30 Jun 21 at 06:15