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Marco Polo

Search for the last enemy of an area

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15 Jul 2021 15 Jul 2021
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What I did for this was kill all the enemies in the area but leave one guy left, I then walked away from him and the achievement popped for me
Rufus ZombotOn Act 1-1 there's a wolf in the 3rd section, after the very first cart, then to the right where there's 3 guys standing around. You just need the ladder to get up to it.
Posted by Rufus Zombot on 15 Jul at 21:52
V3ntilatorIn Area 1-1 you can get all these achievements.

0.) The Wolf Achievement mentioned above.
1.) Kill the 2 first enemies on first area of 1-1, then go left to the wall. Achievement pops up.
2.) Then go right again to the third enemy. Let him kill you. Another Achievement.
3.) You can also get 25 Hatchet kills in area 1:1 by restarting it until you get Achievement.
4.) Keep running into first enemy 50 times to get another achievement "Ned Ryerson".
5.) Keep running into first enemy 100 times to get another achievement.
6.) You can get several more weapon kills Achievements in area 1-1 too.
Posted by V3ntilator on 27 Jul at 23:29