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Above the Sky II

Finish “Above the Sky” – Part 2

Above the Sky II0
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25 Jul 2021 25 Jul 2021
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There are a few levels where it is very hard to see the feathers because the levels are basically white making it impossible to see them. Try changing around the brightness, tone and contrast of your TV or monitor that will make the feathers way easier to see on a couple of the levels.
CognitiveCaveatI saw a note in the forums about flying low so that the sky dominates the upper half of the screen and the feathers are easier to see against the contrast of the sky rather than against the white snowy ground.
Posted by CognitiveCaveat on 22 Oct at 21:14
lfcjohnIt do help by flying low but still need around 30-40 mins for this level alone.
Posted by lfcjohn on 31 Oct at 17:11