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05 Aug 2021 05 Aug 2021
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From the main menu choose "Versus"
Pick the mode "1v1"
Click options in the bottom right and
Change Stocks from 5 to 1
Change Min Ball Speed from 4 to 128

Now as soon as any player is hit by the ball the match will end.

Rinse and Repeat 100 times toast
Lildude3107A little faster is by putting the Stocks to 1, min ball speed to 16 and hp off.
You wont get the animation from hitting the opponent.

Also don't forget to press start to skip the arena animation at the start of the fight :D
Posted by Lildude3107 on 10 Aug at 19:56
Czesio83Dont lets your controlers automaticly turn of or your console go to sleep mode.Beacaus your save turn of and when you end game you can gate suprise.I got 100 mateches,doing arcade mode and no achiewement i reset console and got 0 matches win and 0 cash.
Posted by Czesio83 on 07 Sep at 20:50