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Disco King

Set off all three Discos.

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Achievement Name - Disco King

1) The first disco ball can be found in Discovery on Kamino (Episode 2 Chapter 2). This will have to be done during Free Play. You will need to have an imperial character to access the area where the disco ball is. The room is further down the hallway past Jango Fett's room on the left. You will have to step on some of the floor lights to get the disco ball going.
2) The next disco ball can be found when leaving this chapter. There will be the disco ball in the center room that needs a force character to build it.
3) The last disco ball is unmissable during The Great Pit of Carkoon (Episode VI Chapter 2). The disco ball can be found on Jabba's Barge and will require you to force-build other objects in the room to activate the floor panels. Step on them to activate the final disco and your achievement should unlock!

A 100% video guide can be found here:
(Credit to HappyThumbsGaming)