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Purge a Legendary Boon

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16 Aug 2021 01 Sep 2021
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How to Purge Boons
The Pool of Purging is a red fountain-like interactable you can find in various places throughout Hades. There is always one between regions (you must interact with the healing fountain first to be able to use it). Pools of Purging will sometimes appear in chambers randomly during escape attempts. They never appear in chambers within Tartarus (so never before the first boss fight).

When you interact with a Pool of Purging, a random set of 3 boons from the boons you currently have equipped are selected and shown on screen, available to be purged (in exchange for Obols). Simply select a boon with cn_A to purge it. You will gain money and lose the boon for that escape attempt. (You can obtain it again on subsequent attempts or even possibly later in the same attempt.)

How to Receive Legendary Boons
Legendary Boons are received by accepting offerings from the Olympians, the same way you receive normal boons. Legendary ones are colored orange and have "Legendary" listed as their rarity. Legendary Boons are more rare than others, so they will crop up less often.

Legendary Boons also have requirements that you must have fulfilled in your current escape attempt before they will be offered. They vary per boon and are usually requirements for you to have at least one other boon already from the same Olympian.

The simplest require that you have a single specific boon (or a specific one from a set) from that same Olympian. If you grab one of these prerequisite boons early on in an escape attempt (by using that Olympian's keepsake at the beginning, for example), then you are in the best position to find the legendary boon from that Olympian later on. Whenever presented with a choice of rewards when moving to a new chamber (the orb above the door shows what the reward of the next chamber will be), always choose one that has the symbol of the Olympian you have fulfilled the prerequisites for.

The simplest are these 3, but depending on luck you may encounter another before you get the right sequence for these:

- Ares; Legendary Boon: Vicious Cycle, Prerequisite: Black Metal or Engulfing Vortex
- Athena; Legendary Boon: Divine Protection, Prerequisite: Brilliant Riposte
- Zeus; Legendary Boon: Splitting Bolt, Prerequisite: Storm Lightning, Double Strike, or High Voltage

Purchasing the Codex Index from the House Contractor in the House of Hades will also allow you to browse the boons each Olympian offers through the Codex (cn_LB, Select the Olympian in the "Olympian Gods" section, and press cn_back).

Note: There is a Legendary Boon from a certain someone who costs you health to see, but that boon cannot appear as an option in the Pool of Purging, so don't try to use that one to get this achievement. Specifics in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Boosting your Chances of Finding Legendary Boons
There are several mechanics you can use to boost your chances of receiving rarer boons:

- The keepsakes corresponding to each Olympian (received by offering a Nectar to that Olympian) boost the rarity of boons offered by that Olympian specifically.
- Gods' Legacy, one of the persistent abilities you can obtain and upgrade from the Mirror of the Night in Zagreus's room (once you use Cthonic Keys to unlock the ability to spend Darkness to obtain it), boosts your chance of getting legendary boons when upgraded. This is one of the alternate abilities (of Gods' Pride), so select the double arrows left of Gods' Pride to swap to Gods' Legacy.
- A certain NPC in Asphodel offers a boost to the rarity of boons you encounter after them. (More details in the spoiler below.)
- The Yarn of Ariadne item that can be purchased from a Well of Charon boosts the rarity of the next boon you encounter.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Purging a Legendary Boon
Once you have obtained a Legendary Boon from an Olympian, you must find a Pool of Purging. You are guaranteed to find one after leaving the region you are in, so if you can beat the boss blocking the way, you will have your chance before the next region. Keep an eye out for the Pools of Purging in rooms as you go though, because if one shows up you don't need to risk dying to the boss. Pools of Purging that appear in chambers can only be used once you clear the chamber (defeat all enemies in it).

The achievement will unlock immediately when you purge the boon, you don't even need to leave the Pool of Purging UI screen. (Legendary Boons are also worth quite a lot of Obols, which may help you out.)

If you want to unlock the achievement but still keep using the boon in this escape attempt, you can quit the game after the achievement unlocks (cn_guide, Select Hades, cn_start, Quit, you'll end up back at the dashboard). When you relaunch the game and reload, you will be back at the start of the room with the boon still equipped. (Do not quit while the little red laurel crown is showing at the top right, that's the "Currently Saving" indicator. It flashes up when you enter and exit each chamber.)

Unfortunately if the Pool of Purging doesn't randomly select the Legendary Boon as one of its 3, quitting and relaunching doesn't reroll its selection. However, you can purge other boons that you currently have to make it more likely that the Legendary Boon will be available at the next Pool of Purging you encounter. Once you have purged the other boons, you will need to continue and find the next Pool of Purging (in a random chamber or after the next region) in order to purge the Legendary Boon and get the achievement.

Extra Tips
If you're still having difficulty (due to RNG or otherwise) there are a couple more strategies that can help you out as you progress farther into the game.

This requires you to have cleared at least one escape attempt. Details in the spoiler.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This requires you to have reached the 4th region at least once and provides a simple way to get a single Legendary Boon. The details are in the spoiler below.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
WulfTekDoesn't seem like you can re-roll the Pool of Purging, I'm consistently getting the same 3 boons upon every reload.
Posted by WulfTek on 16 Aug at 12:15
SergeusThanks for confirming, I'll remove that part!
Posted by Sergeus on 16 Aug at 14:29
WulfTekA tip I found kinda useful, is once you get a legendary boon is, if it's fairly early in the run, if you can't immediately purge the legendary boon to start purging other boons.

This mean that there's a better chance at your next Pool of Purging that the Legendary will appear. Also, and I'm not sure how correct I am, but I think the Pool's selection is "global", as in if you went to one, didn't sell anything, then another later it'd have the same 3 but maybe in a different order.
Posted by WulfTek on 16 Aug at 19:05
SergeusGreat tip, I've updated the solution
Posted by Sergeus on 16 Aug at 21:07
WulfTekThere is also a
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by WulfTek on 18 Aug at 02:21
MarkyshizzleI received a fishing boon from posiedon and used that one! Just an FYI
Posted by Markyshizzle on 20 Aug at 22:42
SergeusThanks both, I've included those as strategies that folks can use at the end of the solution!
Posted by Sergeus on 21 Aug at 12:24
Swed420TokerI've sold the huge catch legendary boon on 3 separate occasions and never got the achievement. I think they may have gottennrid of that option since it occurs more often.
Posted by Swed420Toker on 28 Aug at 23:12
SergeusThere are issues with achievements not unlocking when you Quick Resume into the game. Are other achievements working for you and selling Huge Catch is not unlocking this one?
Posted by Sergeus on 29 Aug at 01:24
RhyoliticThat fishing boon is not a one-time only one. I originally got it at the entrance like normal (this was quite a few runs in the past) and I just got it again at that end section. This was all in the same save file.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 30 Aug at 19:52
SergeusThanks for the heads up, updated the note about that!
Posted by Sergeus on 01 Sep at 20:55
XI STARLORD XIBuggy achievement. I have done this twice and it hasn’t popped. I have tried the reset which pops some of the other buggy achievements in the game for this but no luck.
Posted by XI STARLORD XI on 10 Sep at 08:42
Bolt ThrowerI have also done this twice and hasn’t popped
Posted by Bolt Thrower#520 on 19 Sep at 07:15
Like A Bob RossJust a warning: I tried to purge a legendary and then quit via the Xbox home. On restart, it reset the whole run and return me to the weapons/Skelly room. You may want to avoid that trick.
Posted by Like A Bob Ross on 02 Oct at 16:36
SergeusInteresting, they may have patched that, or it might be timing related. I quit directly while the Purging UI screen was still open, having done nothing after pressing A to purge the boon. I suppose I can try that out even without the legendary boon, so I'll see if I can reproduce that behavior.
Posted by Sergeus on 04 Oct at 01:08