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Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor

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16 Aug 2021 16 Aug 2021
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Will come naturally over time, but you can prioritize certain things to unlock faster (buying all the decor upgrades that are 10-30 gems). Most of the upgrades that cost diamonds end up giving you more resources per run (and count towards the achievement) allowing you to purchase more house contract jobs, so these should absolutely be a priority.

Some things to keep in mind to help your gem/diamond hunting:

-Once you clear a run with a weapon, you’ll have to up the heat setting to keep receiving the big boss rewards (Titan blood, diamond, and ambrosia).

-Keep an eye out for the Poseidon boon that increases the amount of darkness/gems received

-occasionally chaos will offer a boon that increases the amount of gems/darkness received for the run as well

Depending on how lucky you get, and what you purchase this achievement will unlock eventually
CLEVIGEYou can quit the game and reload it and get back everything you spent including the Legendary aspects.
Posted by CLEVIGE on 18 Aug at 02:40
Mince lfcHow do you up the heat setting?

Nevermind, you'll be able to do this after escaping once
Posted by Mince lfc on 20 Aug at 19:21