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Urge to Sing

Compel Orpheus to sing again

Urge to Sing-0.1
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19 Aug 2021 19 Aug 2021
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At first you have to free him with help of the renovation master.

After that you can talk with him a couple of times after a run. Not everytime, but the most.
I think talking to Eurydice can lead you also forward to this achievement. Eurydice can be found as !-spawn in the second world (Asphodel). After many tries you will hear the music in the house of hades. Speak with him und leave the room. Achievement will pop.
BearerOfLightDidn't pop at first but as with other achievements, quit out of game, restarted console, and popped when switching to room once back in the game. Same for the trading one.
Posted by BearerOfLight on 20 Aug at 10:26
LarentixFor reference, I got this achievement around my 30th escape attempt.
Posted by Larentix on 21 Aug at 18:04
Pedle ZelnipI had this happen on my 20th or so run, no ach popped, then I quit the game and my save had failed to sync with the cloud so lost the progress that night (thankfully I had an older save on my other Xbox One so didn't lose everything). Since then I've done another 10 or so runs and still hasn't happened again. Very frustrating.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 22 Aug at 18:24
MurhyMarvThink the achievents have some problems in this game and as soon i know, the developer are aware of it.
Posted by MurhyMarv on 23 Aug at 07:33
VincibleOcean71Latest patch promised to resolve this achievement issue: Hades' latest update should fix achievement issues
Posted by VincibleOcean71 on 15 Sep at 19:58
KedrixI had this around the ~35th run. It was the next run after I had went to the lounge to have a drink with him (and I had built up my relationship with Eurydice as well). BTW, it won't pop until you enter another room usually (like your bedchambers for example).
Posted by Kedrix on 13 Oct at 11:28