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Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty

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All credit for this solution goes to Pikey1969 for his Youtube video.

This is the best video I have found, and I used it to get the achievement. It tells you when and where to throw flashbangs and reload.
MAOraNzaFinally! Nice video! It took me abour 3 hours to memorize and to find all the right events. I closed with 5 seconds left while at the phone with my mother. :|
The difficulty in the difficulties :D
Posted by MAOraNza on 13 Jun 09 at 23:38
fcabalmExactlly, the best video, better than the first one.

I finally made it :) thanks a lot
Posted by fcabalm on 17 Jul 09 at 14:41
Nightrain89Best video-tutorial ever! Many thanks for post the video! \m/
Posted by Nightrain89 on 18 Oct 09 at 09:44
ginger1971Followed this vid and got the achievement eventually. Great video.
Posted by ginger1971 on 09 Dec 09 at 02:12
Sparty CrouchGreat video, have attempted this for hours yet with the video it only took 10 minutes!
Posted by Sparty Crouch on 25 Jan 10 at 23:48
D34DEye420For this level you need to finish watching the credits, its called "Epilogue-Mile High Club" Thanks for guide by the way
Posted by D34DEye420 on 10 Feb 10 at 02:23
LeiChatsuperb video, has given me new enthusiasm to revisit and hopefully unlock my last achievement on this game.
Posted by LeiChat on 09 Mar 10 at 01:21
Doctor ShawnI tried this for two hours last night with no success. After watching this video I managed to get it within about ten minutes. I cannot rate this highly enough!
Posted by Doctor Shawn on 10 Mar 10 at 18:45
Adz j74took me around 20 hrs all in all,just persistance and eventually got it,wicked vid matey..
Posted by Adz j74 on 25 Apr 10 at 22:59
SlarppaI tried at least 200 times and finally got this one. Thanks to this great video, it helped a lot.
Posted by Slarppa on 12 Jun 10 at 07:27
rand0m ki11aBest guide only took me about 50 tries to get it perfect.
Posted by rand0m ki11a on 19 Jun 10 at 20:37
Don't see why so many people need help with this achievment. I did it in just 3 attempts when i finished the game on veteran. You don't even need to kill anyone on this level FFS. 18 seconds left to spare for me. TEE HEE HEE!
Posted on 06 Jul 10 at 10:26
UlteriorDesert@ Brush, just you wait, you'll see.
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 27 Jul 10 at 11:23
UlteriorDesertThank you thank you thank you, got it today after 4 tries excellent guide
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 03 Aug 10 at 20:29
HasharinYay I did at after about 10 trys.
Posted by Hasharin on 13 Aug 10 at 14:46
robert m bthanks for the video helped alot once you get to know when and where to use the flashbangs it a piece of cake
Posted by robert m b on 11 Sep 10 at 14:38
KanjiKokaThis video was hilarious! Better than the one I used back in early '09.
Posted by KanjiKoka on 29 Sep 10 at 06:41
Blkmag1kI just got it after 4 attempts and finally got it on the 5th, definitely the best tutorial
Posted by Blkmag1k on 19 Oct 10 at 20:06
UncouthTruthNailed it today after about 50 attempts and much frustration. I wasn't letting my guys catch up where I should have. 1000GS.
Posted by UncouthTruth on 24 Oct 10 at 16:48
BsU Lordshipprobably one of the best guide videos i've ever used! do EXACTLY what he says/recommends! I struggled at first but you eventually get the hang of it! I recommend use of Optional Flashbang A!!!!!!!
Posted by BsU Lordship on 05 Nov 10 at 17:10
RohypnoledPerfect tactic, still took me a lot of tries but I just got it!
Posted by Rohypnoled on 17 Nov 10 at 17:26
BDSLiVeRunning passed the first guy and blasting through the first two rooms gives you an ample amount of time to do whatever you want to.
Posted by BDSLiVe on 23 Nov 10 at 07:27
oDs I WoLFZz xVery good guide but I did fail for a while anyway took a break and got it first time when i went back. Great guide. I didn't think this achievement would get done as I am borrowing the game and need to give it back tommorow.
Posted by oDs I WoLFZz x on 04 Jan 11 at 22:25
PainCrowZDude, I haven't tried this achievement since 2008. After this video, I got it in about 15 tries. Thumbs up!!!
Posted by PainCrowZ on 31 Jan 11 at 16:37
BroFishtWouldn't have been able to do this without the guide
Posted by BroFisht on 05 Feb 11 at 14:06
DruPhiLsTook me like 100 times but finally got it thanks to this video!
Posted by DruPhiLs on 10 Feb 11 at 04:18
LobsterPartyFinally a reason to go back and try for this cheevo.
Posted by LobsterParty on 15 Feb 11 at 14:25
Scythecami got this a couple of years ago, but this video makes it a hell of a lot easier than what i ended up doing.

never knew there was a restock of flashbangs lol.
Posted by Scythecam on 27 Feb 11 at 07:47
ssvegeta67I took 15 minutes to do this, this video is really helpful
Posted by ssvegeta67 on 06 Mar 11 at 17:20
Funderballs 007Thanks mate for the video helped me get one of the most frustrating and rewarding cheevo's.
Posted by Funderballs 007 on 14 Mar 11 at 10:31
SLY OO7iv tried this a million times an still to this day cannot do it i have ever achievement except this one its killing me
Posted by SLY OO7 on 04 Apr 11 at 23:41
Pa1ppiVery nice vid. Finally got that last achievement :)
Posted by Pa1ppi on 19 Apr 11 at 16:53
RabidDolphin87The only thing that worked better for me was going right at the beginning instead of left, I was able to get past the first area much quicker with more bullets left over by going right. Other than that the video is fantastic.
Posted by RabidDolphin87 on 26 Apr 11 at 04:39
GwintbleiddFinally i got this achievement....took me a while :D
Thanks for the video...i made it a bit different, changing weapons to p90 and m4.^^
And sorry for my bad english :)
Posted by Gwintbleidd on 31 May 11 at 16:36
Muskrat MorrisDon't know if someo already, but to make it easier, you can move towards the hostage at the slow motion part to get a clearer shot.
Posted by Muskrat Morris on 08 Jun 11 at 14:08
reached the hostage with 1 second remaining.... such a difficult achievement, but relatively easy once you get the hang of the method. have to rush in for your team to really execute any kills...
Posted on 06 Jul 11 at 22:16
a rabid fuzzleBest solution ever; it's solid gold. I cannot thank you enough for this solution.
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 17 Jul 11 at 02:14
SemanticV0idExcellent video, managed to get the achievement after many, many tries.
Posted by SemanticV0id on 04 Aug 11 at 16:58
Skanker irlI finally got this. This video was the most helpful out of all of them. Don't worry about gun switching and all that bs. Just do it how you feel comfortable. I even took a couple detours on my winning run. A lot of it is just playing it so many times that you finally get the AI to take out some guys.
Posted by Skanker irl on 08 Aug 11 at 21:23
ACS Eldresthanks man, this really helped a lot, how can someone vote this negatively?
Posted by ACS Eldres on 09 Sep 11 at 13:42
Fuhrer Goodellgreat video, took a while to get it down but eventually after two frustrating hours i got it with a second to spare. thanks!
Posted by Fuhrer Goodell on 15 Sep 11 at 14:38
System of a DomBest video solution EVAR! Worked for me. Took about three hours, but I got it :D:D:D:D
Posted by System of a Dom on 15 Sep 11 at 15:21
Slickconcker15This video was awesome. Nailed it in under 10 minutes once i properly knifed the first guy and threw the first flashbang correctly. Excellent video
Posted by Slickconcker15 on 16 Sep 11 at 13:45
madridspoolExcellent video and thanks for posting it..only took me 3 years to get it but after studying this video did it in about 10 tries with 3.5 secs to spare...Thaaaaaaaannnnnkkks!
Posted by madridspool on 20 Sep 11 at 00:42
Solario32Thanks for the helpful guide and video.
Posted by Solario32 on 27 Sep 11 at 12:30
Seraph MetatronDon't know why someone would vote negative on this. Even with it, still took me many tries, but this was really helpful at breaking the level down.
Posted by Seraph Metatron on 27 Sep 11 at 19:27
Slam Shot Sam+ vote, thank you so much! I got it second try, second damn try - that's how good this is!
Posted by Slam Shot Sam on 28 Oct 11 at 16:33
IMWeasel666Fucking fantastic got this done right quick thanks a bunch
Posted by IMWeasel666 on 06 Jan 12 at 17:01
aiMx58woah i finally got it after about 5 hours of failing ;D thanks so much !!!!!!
Posted by aiMx58 on 08 Jan 12 at 22:14
Stevannofor whatever reason, i kept using the other solution here and didn't see this one with the extra flashbangs, that helped me get past this grind. +1 from a very happy dude right here!
Posted by Stevanno on 11 Jan 12 at 18:29
MintyPrincessThank you so much man, I've finally 100% the game :D
Posted by MintyPrincess on 21 Jan 12 at 00:39
LEEDS KNIGHTBrilliant video - this was the one for me - although I kept missing the guy at the end, until I started zooming in with the pistol and following his head as it moved. Finally done it.
Posted by LEEDS KNIGHT on 21 Jan 12 at 21:40
R3DC10V3RAwesome video! I've finally 100% the game! Thanks Pikey your the sh*t!
Posted by R3DC10V3R on 26 Jan 12 at 22:08
Mattpm13Thanks for the video. It helped a lot. Only took me about 15 minutes to get it.
Posted by Mattpm13 on 11 Feb 12 at 17:53
x RAISER xOutstanding video, absolutely perfect! Haven't played the game in two years and after watching the video 3 times I got the achievement in 8 tries. Thank you
Posted by x RAISER x on 15 Feb 12 at 03:00
JuicyjamsI had to use a combo of this method and the one from the video below, I wasnt going quick enough through the first part. There wasnt a need to try and fight as many people in that first seat area I blinded them then ran through saved enough time to complete. Thank you. Its been 2 years.
Posted by Juicyjams on 12 Mar 12 at 03:37
Posted by SantosTheMaster on 30 Apr 12 at 14:44
TruKilla0420Tried for hrs and could not do it till I watched this video three attempts thank u pikey1969 and for posting on here
Posted by TruKilla0420 on 12 May 12 at 00:19
Reborn as DEATHI got it after a long time and tries tnx
Posted by Reborn as DEATH on 20 May 12 at 06:40
Adz j74I got this achy a while ago now after around 6 hrs of straight trying,I wish i'd seen your vid then,great one .
Posted by Adz j74 on 14 Jul 12 at 13:50
The Planet PeteHOLY CRAP... I finally did it... thanks to THIS video... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
Posted by The Planet Pete on 23 Jul 12 at 02:36
NURSEwithWOUNDI can't believe how low the TA ratio is for this. I remember this cheev as one of the most diificult ones I have done since I bought the XBOX
Posted by NURSEwithWOUND on 06 Oct 12 at 00:33
Donkamyllo...simply great! Thanks
Posted by Donkamyllo on 07 Oct 12 at 12:42
xiDannySI'll be using this guide when I go back to try and complete CoD4's achievements. Looks good thanks :D
Posted by xiDannyS on 19 Nov 12 at 22:59
DIMEBOYI want to add that if you get wounded badly or flashbang yourself, the enemies will be more agressive and rush you.
Posted by DIMEBOY on 21 Dec 12 at 00:12
DIMEBOYI want to add that if you get wounded badly or flashbang yourself, the enemies will be more agressive and rush you.
Posted by DIMEBOY on 21 Dec 12 at 01:37
BoiusI finally did it today after all those years!!! (With a huge portion of luck as well I guess)
Posted by Boius on 01 Jan 13 at 03:00
TheDonSimeoni3rd time, I did this (before the walkthroughs ever even came to mind) I got to the end... But I shot the guy in the leg... Never got back to the end since then...
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 03 Apr 13 at 16:52
KanjiKoka^ lol
Posted by KanjiKoka on 05 Apr 13 at 00:57
RecentRealityI love you for uploading this and helping me net the achievement. After some trial and tribulation (I hadn't played CoD4 for a long while) I managed to snag this achievement after about the tenth or so try with about 3-4 seconds to spare on my success run. Thanks a bunch!
Posted by RecentReality on 06 May 13 at 20:20
Billy suck meThanks for this guide but unfortunately I was logged into my other account when I done this and got the achievement on the wrong one ffs
Posted by Billy suck me on 02 Jun 13 at 03:47
AnguilleArnalGreat video, took me 30 mins to get it
Posted by AnguilleArnal on 04 Jul 13 at 17:04
OnzaWow, this video makes it look so doable... I may just have to try again! Damn that TA Top Five: Time-Limit Achievements post.
Posted by Onza on 06 Oct 13 at 18:25
Hawkes67Thumbs Up from Me!! Thought I'd never do this ... but with the video and some persistence .... I finally got this achievement!! Tx again...
Posted by Hawkes67 on 16 Oct 13 at 20:56
Medicus PiperFINALLY! Easily the best strategy for this achievement and believe me, I've tried a million!
Posted by Medicus Piper on 23 Nov 13 at 00:20
Awe DamohEarned it finally, took about an hour
Posted by Awe Damoh on 24 Dec 13 at 15:07
S ProtoTypefor anyone still struggling, i followed only the first floor of what he did in the video (which is fantastically done). For the second floor, i always found my self running out of time following his strategy. Instead, as soon as my clip was out on the mp5, i picked up an enemy p90 or mini uzi and used this "running and gunning" method all the way to the end and had 8 seconds to spare. still +1 for the great video.
Posted by S ProtoType on 30 Jan 14 at 04:14
Tan110688Game came in the post this morning guna have to try and finish this soon.
Posted by Tan110688 on 30 Jan 14 at 14:44
ProBigBurgerI have to buy a new Controller... This achievement is really frustrating
Posted by ProBigBurger on 12 May 14 at 14:17
F1NALEasy laugh
Posted by F1NAL on 31 May 14 at 19:14
FFaddicOMG, that had to be one of the most satisfying achievements I've earned. Got to the end 4 times and kept messing up the headshot. Took forever to get there the 5th time, but finally got it. Wooooo.
Posted by FFaddic on 15 Jul 14 at 01:21
Shadow XBLI love that as soon as you're shot, you kick back and flinch - so once shot you're screwed because you can no longer aim. This is complete BS. Also, the geometry in the level is atrocious - I get caught on the first left room's door almost every single time.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 31 Aug 14 at 14:45
EdweirddAfter many tries at this, I was able to get it. The video provided was helpful.
Posted by Edweirdd on 05 Sep 14 at 00:13
Shadow XBLI recommend searching youtube for the "flashbangs only" run. This is what got me the achieve. You don't have to shoot a single person, and really until the very last corner I didn't on my winning run. So much easier that way.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 05 Sep 14 at 01:04
lildrissy58150+ trys before watching this video......only took 5 or 6 tries after watching the video also good to mention I never got right to the end on any of those 150+ trys I got twice to the end in those 6 trys and the first time I shot the this is by far the best video to use for this achievement
Posted by lildrissy58 on 15 Sep 14 at 22:15
lildrissy58150+ trys before watching this video......only took 5 or 6 tries after watching the video also good to mention I never got right to the end on any of those 150+ trys I got twice to the end in those 6 trys and the first time I shot the this is by far the best video to use for this achievement
Posted by lildrissy58 on 15 Sep 14 at 22:20
Shadow XBLmake sure you're waiting until the last tenth's of a second - time slows down and it's easier to spot the bad guy and not shoot the hostage.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 16 Sep 14 at 01:44
EnjojiGreat guide. 25+ tries, got it in about half an hour. +1 clap
Posted by Enjoji on 01 Nov 14 at 05:30
I think waiting a few months after completing veteran, then coming back calm and with this video definitely helps.
Posted on 16 Nov 14 at 04:21
RomerNakataYes, I got it in about half an hour with this video. smile
Posted by RomerNakata on 02 Dec 14 at 14:21
ZombieNeo04Thanks, FINALLY!
Posted by ZombieNeo04 on 25 Dec 14 at 16:36
LordFightALotJust walk up to the very last guy, it makes the headshot much easier!
Posted by LordFightALot on 04 Feb 15 at 19:49
iTz Canada Ehhwhoever is voting this solution negative quit smoking fucking crack this is the best video out there easily, after not playing mile high club in years I beat it using this video in half an hour. Great guide makes it extremely easy
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 17 Mar 15 at 05:00
OV maSSiveLoopThis has to be one of the most difficult achvmts.
Posted by OV maSSiveLoop on 24 Aug 15 at 05:57
TearyVenus8606Took 45 minutes to do, but GOD am I glad I've done it after all these hours! Now to collect intel, and then this game will be 100% :D
Posted by TearyVenus8606 on 08 Nov 15 at 23:08
KillTheRedzGot it!
Tyvm for the helpful vid!
Posted by KillTheRedz on 27 Feb 16 at 21:08
pequenyo MissTook several tries but I did it :) The most difficult part is the first flash IMO Thx
Posted by pequenyo Miss on 08 May 16 at 00:05
FEAR EPIDEMICI was the 500th up vote dance
Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 12 May 16 at 08:59
jackam2008Thanks man great video! Took me about 4 hours over 2 days to finally do it. First time i got to the doors with the hostage i ran out of time, must have been about 0.01 second away lol. I tried different ways just to save me from going insane more than anything but after you get through that first bunch of dudes, reload, throw the flash and run to the wooden bench on the left. wait a couple of seconds and your team will catch up and kill nearly everyone in the room for you. Then when you get to the supply of flash bangs, throw one into the room and RUN RUN RUN! Saving your ammo until the guys come from behind the last corner. You will probably want to kill yourself whilst trying this mission, but if you keep at it you will get that little bit of luck you need!
Posted by jackam2008 on 28 Aug 16 at 11:40
Dr RoscotnikI'm sorry but I know this isn't your video but I've been trying to do this via this method for over a week now and I cannot for the life of me do this at all!angry I've finished the campaign on Veteran and this is the only achievement standing in my way of getting the 1000G so it's not a case of me just sucking at this. They are so many things that need to be addressed here when doing this:

1. Getting stuck immediately at the beginning on the right and having to nudge over to the left is always a pain in the ass as this costs precious seconds that you most likely won't have to spare and also getting stuck on the left going through the door into the room on the left is also a frequent problem.

2. Your teammates don't fully kill the first guy on the right at the beginning a good 7 or 8 times out of 10. By the time you throw your first flash bang, the guy on the right is usually either still standing and kills you or stunned and walking over to the left and getting in the way of your path from moving up forward and being forced to kill him yourself along with the other 4, 5 or 6 guys who enter the room and being forced to hold back and reload before continuing. Also when you throw your first flashbang past the seats, it seems completly random if you get caught out in the flash or not when you're looking out the door even when you're crouching or in the prone position.

3. When the hull breach happens, sometimes there's still a guy standing over on the right and the 3 guys that come down the stairs are already at the bottom by the time you get there.

4. After you throw the third flashbang after going up the stairs, there's usually 3 guys already in the room after going through the door on the left again having to take care of them yourself because your teammates haven't reached the top of the stairs yet.

5. Even after you've sprayed the wall just before where the resupply of flashbangs are, there's just about every time one guy there who's still standing ready to kill you.

6. Where you throw the flashbang beside the resupplies is really heavily based on luck. There are so many guys in that last part before the hostage that they always get in your way and are just about guaranteed to melee kill you when trying to get past them even after spraying in your line of fire and using the knife. You can just about guarantee you'll get killed when either reloading, getting one kill after a melee attack or when changing to your pistol.

Using the flashbangs anywhere in this level just seems totally random wither it has any effect on the enemies or not. Many times I've thrown flashbangs and there's one or two guys within a group that don't get affected or if they do get blinded and you start shooting them, they immediately start shooting back and often you get killed.

There's so many random things that have happened to me trying to do this but those ones that I've mentioned are the most common and I really don't know how to prevent them from happening. I've never even made it to the hostage. I'm giving this a negative vote. >:(
Posted by Dr Roscotnik on 20 Apr 17 at 11:15
witter56What a POS achievement. 2 times I made it in the VIP room, shot the enemy in the head and it said "friendly fire isn't allowed laugh"
Posted by witter56 on 31 May 17 at 20:19
SwedelSlug224Took me many a try even following this video, however I would have been hopeless without it. Great guide, +1.
Posted by SwedelSlug224 on 08 Aug 17 at 01:02
k0pp0Did it.. after about 2 weeks of trying (well years of trying). One thing no one mentions is that if you flashbang then wing a baddie, they come out their stun animation and shoot you.
Posted by k0pp0 on 03 Feb 18 at 01:01
KillersquirelzAn achievement that has scared me for years from coming back to finish this game, and because of this video, I did it with about 30 minutes of practice. Thank you very much.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 18 Jul 18 at 02:18
B4RN4RD5K1Thank you so much, Wawa G Owns. Nearly 9 years I've been trying for this achievement and finally got it today. Excellent guide. For my advice to anyone reading this that still needs this pain in the ass achievement, keep at it! If I can do it, anyone can.
Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 05 Jan 19 at 14:52
OspreyAttackUsing this guide and some luck on my side I was able to get this in under 10 attempts. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by OspreyAttack on 25 Feb 19 at 05:23
Alpha SlaybotI'd also add: don't be put off by this comments section if they make it sound easier than you find it to be. After about 6 years of avoiding this achievement, watching this video and reading the comments I tried again with some optimism. All these people saying "got in in half an hour", "got it in 3 tries after watching this" can't be wrong.
It didn't go like that for me. Luck is involved in this, and practice. I came into this after a big absence and had to get used to it all over. It took 3 nights of trying and about 4 hours but I eventually lucked it using a combination of a few different solutions.
If this video doesn't seem to work spot on, try to do what feels better for you rather than sticking with trying to copy the video step by step. I ignored the first guy in the toilet, through the board room but then took the path to the right as going left I'd be often be blocked by someone. At the stairs to the 2nd floor my allies caught up and killed quite a few for me, anything after that was absolute luck.
I got there eventually, I'm sure you can too.
Posted by Alpha Slaybot on 03 Apr 19 at 11:15
GiantBRI remember this one, it's utterly difficult. A test of might of sorts, if you beat this level on veteran then the rest of the playthrough on the same difficult will be a breeze.
Posted by GiantBR on 04 Jan at 20:18
k0pp0Just a note to say I'm still chuffed to get this achievement.
Posted by k0pp0 on 06 Jan at 15:33
Bashemgud 03Excellent video!
Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 13 Jun at 19:38