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War-God's Bloodlust

Fulfill the 'War-God's Bloodlust' Prophecy

War-God's Bloodlust-0.2
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Dale BaldwinDale Baldwin2,256,439
23 Aug 2021 23 Aug 2021
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To get the prophecy added to the Fated List of Minor Prophecies you'll need to keep giving Ares nectar gifts on your runs. I think it takes 5 or 6 gifts.

To complete the prophecy you need to have killed 10,000 enemies across all of your runs. Kills attained prior to unlocking the prophecy still count towards this.

You can check how many kills you've attained by using the pool in your room (provided you've built it via the House Contractor).

With the required amount of kills, find Ares on a new run to finish the prophecy. You'll already have Ares' Blood-Filled Vial keepsake, so equip that and you'll be guaranteed to find him.
neeker75It took me forever to get the prophecy, and once I got it, it immediately got fulfilled laugh
Posted by neeker75 on 26 Aug at 02:42
Lord Taylor XIII had over 24k kills and this prophecy is still locked. :(
Posted by Lord Taylor XII on 08 Sep at 00:00
MASS D0MINATI0NOver 28k kills, epilogue completed, every other achievement completed, full nectar and he still won't give me the prophecy. -__-
Posted by MASS D0MINATI0N on 17 Sep at 09:56
VictorFogacaSame problem here
Posted by VictorFogaca on 13 Oct at 01:36
MechaHereticFinally figured it out. I was on a 12-run streak (escaping each time) and couldn't get any progress out of Ares. I finally went on a suicide run (Guan Yu) and died in the first chamber, equipped the Blood Filled Vial, talked to Ares right out of the gate, and the prophecy popped. I had to run another short suicide run to talk to him again AFTER the "Prophecy Foretold" icon popped up to actually get the "Prophecy Fulfilled" status.

I'd definitely recommend doing a short-death run, then equipping Ares' keepsake to see if you can get the Prophecy revealed.
Posted by MechaHeretic on 21 Oct at 20:16
CHEAP SUSHII will try this method then Mecha, I am at like 30k kills and a 12-run streak currently, so hopefully this does it
Posted by CHEAP SUSHI on 22 Oct at 17:51
AmerigoRoundIt was an achievement coming out of nowhere, I was at 44k of kills and lacking a heart for Ares, and when I was chasing to see him, he was just giving me usual dialogue. And when I nonchalantly pressed A to skip, I saw the 10k dialogue and got the prophecy fulfilled confirmation. Weird.
Posted by AmerigoRound on 09 Nov at 13:47