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Keeper of the Order

Find all Templar Flags in Acre.

Keeper of the Order0
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16 Mar 2009 06 Feb 2022
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Use these videos in conjuction with a map to quickly collect all Templar flags, which are in Acre, Rich District.

The first video starts near flag 17, near a town crier. The second video picks up where the first left off: south of Holy Cross, and east of Flag 24.
Each video was shot in one continuous take. The flags were not collected in numerical order. Here is an abbreviated table of contents:

First video:
Flags 1-5, 1:45
Flags 6-7, 1:00
Flags 8-11, 3:30
Flags 12-14, 5:15
Flags 15-17, 0:00
Flags 18-20, 5:50
Flags 21-23, 6:45

Templar 1, 2:40
Templar 2, 4:30

Second Video:
Flag 24-27, 0:20
Flag 28-29, 2:30
Flag 30, 3:00
Flag 33, 4:45
Flag 34, 4:10

Templar 3, 1:35

Description: Acre, Rich District (Part 1): Flags 1-23, Templars 2&3
Description: Acre, Rich District (Part 2): Flags 24-34, Templar 3
From: ianxofour
CalledToConquerThanks for the guides on where the flags and Templars are, they are awesome!
Posted by CalledToConquer on 28 Nov 13 at 06:34
Made this achievement easy!
Posted on 12 Jan 17 at 12:41
Charlie LimaGreate guide. Thanks!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 18 Jul 18 at 06:35
Apostle92627Great guide. I have never once successfully climbed the church on one try. It always takes two. I get to the top where the viewpoint and flag are and fall off, so since I had the flag from getting the viewpoint I didn't bother climbing back up.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 18 Aug 18 at 20:43
Saw3d 0ffUnfortunately is no longer available but you can use this link to access a semi-functional (?) mirror of the map via waybackmachine:

and I created a mirror of the map image here:

There are also these 2 interactive maps:


Posted by Saw3d 0ff on 01 Feb at 23:10