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Record 100 stealth kills of soldiers with the ORO P23 Combat Knife

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Edward HyenaEdward Hyena471,621
16 Mar 2009 16 Mar 2009
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The description of this achievement is slightly misleading. A "stealth kill" is anytime you press the Right Trigger and initiate the knife kill animation. It does not matter if the enemy's eyes are red, yellow, or blue. If you kill them just by knifing but do not get an animation, it did not count.
You can rack up 25 knife kills or more in Bad Blood. Just replay the chapter however many times you need after you finish the campaign. Multiplayer knife kills do not count.
Do NOT knife if there is another enemy standing right next to your target. You can take damage during the animation.
zeSTY aNTsthanks bad blood is like the best place.i tryed after reading ur solution. cool
Posted by zeSTY aNTs on 12 Aug 09 at 23:16
SpectreSubZeroWhy didn't you ever unlock the achievement Edward Hyena?
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 07 Jul 11 at 23:45
Edward HyenaI own 175 games. That means I have 173 games I'd rather be playing than Turok.
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