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Bling, Bling

Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings

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Ok, here is the deal with this achievement. Each time you do No Sleep Till Brooklyn on expert vocals you should get $760. This averages out to equal about $10,000 an hour. So thats 100 total hours of that song. BUT, there is an even faster way..this will require you to play though. Sign in the profile you want the money on as a vocalist. Then plug in a guitar or drum set. Go into band quickplay and chose No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Set the mic by anything that makes noise like you normally would and play any difficulty on the other instrument. You should get about $1200-$1400 every time. Reducing the time required by a lot. I guess it just depends on if you actually feel like playing or not. Either way good luck!
SteSteSte91You could Download The Metal Pack DLC and add Broken Glass and Grave Of Oppotunity to the setlist, Works our around 10mins = 2000. So for an hour that would be 12000. and if you play bass on hard or medium its pumps it up to a 3500 a set.
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 28 Feb 10 at 12:41
SteSteSte91I might add also that Metal Pack is free :P
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 04 Mar 10 at 00:29
ASic777This is my favorite solution for this achievement. It's not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets the job done. I wouldn't recommend grinding out No Sleep Til Brooklyn if you have better things do be doing, but if you just start doing this for a few hours at night when you normally wouldn't be doing anything else, you see some real noticeable progress.
Posted by ASic777 on 22 May 10 at 06:23
LearFoolIf you play drums on X and FC it, it works out to $1,615 per play for the vocalist. There's nothing tricky in the drum part for an expert drummer.
Posted by LearFool on 16 Jul 12 at 03:09
SithVampirodont know if they updated or what. but it dont work anymore.
Posted by SithVampiro on 03 May 15 at 19:57
otaku1412Did it this way (along with playing Grave of Opportunity and On Broken Glass) and got over 1 mil but it didn't unlock. I went into the career and played one of those songs on the Create A Setlist and it popped after it finished.
Posted by otaku1412 on 31 Dec 18 at 19:34