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Maybe Next Time Buddy

Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online).

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16 Mar 2009
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If you want (or need) to do this without the aid of party members you should try to lure someone into hijacking you. First, make sure you have a energy drainer to kill your vehicle's engine. Next, it would be best to use a ghost (more people try to hijack that than a warthog) and hide in a spot that is relatively small so the enemy can't just run away after taking your vehicle. (I waited in the dome on High Ground). When the enemy jumps on your vehicle immediately press X and drop the energy drainer to kill the engines. Walk back up to your vehicle and hijack it for the achievement.
QuarantaneNice guide. I hadn't thought of doing this, but can you actually drop the energy drain that quickly? I though that after being highjacked you were unable to do anything for a couple seconds.

I may thing about doing this...although I generally tend not to play FFA as I enjoy team play more.
Posted by Quarantane on 14 Oct 09 at 00:27
BillyBoy1067cool guide. it helped me out alot
Posted by BillyBoy1067 on 14 Apr 10 at 14:56
SinlkaIs this even possible anymore without a map pack DLC? I don't know of any normal maps that have a ghost on it anymore not to mention the lack of players.
Posted by Sinlka on 16 Jan 15 at 21:10
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Lazy with StyleIt's slightly glitched. A friend and I did it on Sandbox in Rumble Pit playlist. My friend got it first so he went into the Chopper, I hijacked it and he hijacked it back gaining the achievement a few seconds later. When it was my turn in another match on the same map, I did the same as him before just in time and achievement unlocked as soon as I pressed the button for second hijacking (even before my character did the action).
Posted by Lazy with Style on 13 Jul 21 at 22:10
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