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Finally.. I was about to give up.

Defeat a training dummy in Sanctia.

Finally.. I was about to give up.-0.2
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16 Sep 2021 16 Sep 2021
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When you first arrive in Sanctia, you’ll have to sleep through the night by talking to the old man. When you wake up in the morning, continue to the right until you see a couple dummies. Just keep spamming attack(X) until it eventually dies. It took me about two minutes without stopping.
KLZC3744Thank you
Posted by KLZC3744 on 16 Sep at 05:56
BigMikeSimonsAfter about a minute of spamming X my game locks up and boots me back to dash. Happened four times now. Need a patch haha
Posted by BigMikeSimons on 16 Sep at 11:03
KJer25I felt like I hit that thing 200 times and couldn’t destroy it. Figured there was some upgrade you needed later in the game, so I left. Good to know it’s just mindless X spamming lol
Posted by KJer25 on 16 Sep at 12:22
Zerox no1Game crashed after spamming X. Exit the town first before trying so you have a save .
Posted by Zerox no1 on 17 Sep at 00:24
theGhostGamerBCI’m having the same issue, does it only happen some of the time? If I keep trying will I eventually get it?
Posted by theGhostGamerBC on 18 Sep at 05:33
headXcrashIf your game crashes try fists. I managed to knock it underground and finished it there. It always crashed on me with a sword
Posted by headXcrash on 18 Sep at 14:02
kriegirOnly didn't crash if I mixed things up. Finished with the axe doing the simple X combo
Posted by kriegir on 18 Sep at 20:04
Stormborn64I finally got it to not crash, I used to the axe and only X combos and activating the turbo when I had it.
Posted by Stormborn64 on 19 Sep at 16:32
AnavrynI also had to use the axe. Crashed on me with the claws.
Posted by Anavryn on 19 Sep at 20:14
Calex dEUSAxe for me too, crashed with everything else.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 22 Sep at 16:53
Reineldinho1981Crashed twice in a row with the axe on my side
Posted by Reineldinho1981 on 26 Sep at 21:57
B1ueEyeS1yThis achievement is finicky, and crashed every time I tried it. I finally got the achievement to pop by mashing X with the fists, stopped mashing X before the game crashed, then changed to the sword, and slowly tapped X until the dummy broke.
Posted by B1ueEyeS1y on 30 Sep at 04:01
KuichioI believe the crash happens because of the hidden combo meter maxing out. The pitch of the combo tracker maxes out. I'm unsure if it is the noise or the combo itself that causes the crash, but if you break your combo, you shouldn't crash.
Posted by Kuichio on 05 Oct at 20:09
Fluke939Just to say I got it later in the game with a potentially easier method. After you unlock Crimson Control, there will be a power up that boosts your meter that appears above the lady that you buy your upgrades from. It keeps replenishing. so you can use Crimson Control on the dummy, and keep jumping for the power up to keep it going longer. I also attacked the dummy to make it move closer to the power up. Didn't take too long with this method
Posted by Fluke939 on 21 Oct at 19:59