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20 Oct 2021 20 Oct 2021
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100 % Achievement Walkthrough

You get Gold after Destroying Enemies, Barelles or Opening Chest or find secret Rooms. Also you can farm enemies in Dungeons if you need more Gold after defeating Boss.
We need 10K Gold in Total after you get 10K go to a save Statue and save your game.
Now Press Xbox Guide and select Vzerthos game press Start and close it.Wait a bit and press A again to start the Game up. Now simply wait in the Main Menu till the Achievements unlocks.

Thanks to True Marvellous for his Solution

Steel Reign68Yeah did it 4 times didn't unlock.
Posted by Steel Reign68 on 23 Oct 21 at 04:46
CLARION 85Did you get it on Xbox? Also did you delete save or did you started a new game 4 times? Maybe you have to delete save or do first 5k and 10k separately
Posted by CLARION 85 on 23 Oct 21 at 05:42