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Egg Hunt

Find all 4 types of eggs.

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Big ZimmBig Zimm82,735
20 Mar 2009 14 Apr 2011
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The easiest way to obtain a golden egg is on the Chicken Island (the middle island) in Chapter 3-1 as mentioned above.

The lower your health the more likely the game is to give you a better egg. If you have a lot of health you will most likely get white eggs over brown, and if you have very little health you will be more likely to get a gold egg over brown. It seems the game's difficulty also help to determine what eggs are dropped. So you are more likely to obtain a golden egg if you play on amateur and with as little health as possible.

Just load Chapter 3-1 on Armature difficulty with your health in the red. When you shoot a chicken it should give you a golden egg. You can also check inside the house, I have found a few of them inside.

As weird as this seems it was taken out of the Official Resident Evil Strategy Guide. It worked for me.
SecondHALONICKI'm just wondering how long it takes to get the golden egg to pop up. I have been going back to the "Chicken Island" so many times and killing the chickens but nothing is popping up.
Posted by SecondHALONICK on 17 Apr 09 at 22:17
SecondHALONICKAlso, is chicken island the island in the middle?
Posted by SecondHALONICK on 17 Apr 09 at 22:26
This comment is the biggest load of shit I have ever seen! It is screwed beyond imagination! DO NOT read or listen to this comment! The moron doesn't know what he is talking about!

First up DO NOT shoot the chickens! Just hang around and they will lay eggs.

Secondly your health has NOTHING to do with it! It is RANDOM! On Sunday night I was doing chapter 3-1 as I needed the Rocket Launcher for a run on normal and I thought about getting some eggs! On my second run as I was picking up a BROWN egg Sheva picked up a GOLDEN egg espite the fact we both had FULL LIFE BARS! And it has happened about 3 times more after that! So dont listen to this fool. He doesn't know what he is talkng about.
Posted on 28 Jul 09 at 09:37

I never said you couldn't pick up gold eggs, you are just MORE LIKELY to if your health is lower. If you don't believe me check it out in the Official Strategy Guide.
Posted by Big Zimm on 12 Aug 09 at 21:10
Lil Miss CherryThis worked first time for me but be warned i finally got the brown egg and because sheva got to it first and had no health she ate it -.-
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 22 Apr 11 at 01:39
DarckNot too use on why this has so many negatives, I agree that you don't have to shoot the chickens but health really makes a change. I did 5 island runs at full health and got all white eggs, did 5 island runs at very low health and got one gold egg and 4 brown eggs. Thanks for the tip!
Posted by Darck on 30 Aug 12 at 00:24
Big Zimm@DARck

Thanks, I don't think people took the time to try this out before giving it negative feedback. It cearly states in the Official Guide that lower heath yields better eggs, and it definitely works.
Posted by Big Zimm on 30 Aug 12 at 04:01
Mr Z53Holy hell dude. This worked first try for me. I had 1 sliver of health left, and the chickens laid a Brown Egg, and then a Gold Egg. Just like that. I waited there at full health awhile ago hoping for a gold egg, and I got 3 or 4 white eggs in a row. I gave up, killed them all, and left, lol.

Idk what Hoggy's deal is but they need to do their research or at least test this out. This is exactly how to get the achievement, and if not, then it's a pretty damn good piece of advice.
Posted by Mr Z53 on 17 Sep 12 at 15:57
Big Zimm@ArcaneSoulx

It just makes sense that the game gives you eggs that yeild more health when your health is low. Glad to hear you took the time to try it out, and that it worked for ya.
Posted by Big Zimm on 17 Sep 12 at 21:59
Psyko AftermathThis absolutely works after chasing chickens for over an hour I let myself go into dying state let sheva pick me up and 2 mins later i got both brown and gold eggs, FYI anyone looking for rotten eggs go to chapter 5-1 and just keep killing lickers, also good for farming for cash and exchange points that level.
Posted by Psyko Aftermath on 23 Jun 14 at 08:12
SkinstakovicMassive props for the health advice, worked first time for me, thanks
Posted by Skinstakovic on 01 Feb 15 at 20:40
THEpaynexkillerAMATEUR. Not 'amature'
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 13 Jul 15 at 17:24