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Master of Ceremonies

Host at least 1000 matches

Master of Ceremonies+0.7
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One of my favorite easy achievements!

Create a private LIVE match. Co-op defending base, auto-starting at 30 seconds between matches, and just let the game play while you are sleeping or at work.

Just make sure you have a wired controller so it won't shut off and change the setting on your xbox if it powers off after too much idle time.

*EDIT* I forgot to mention (and it was brought to my attention) to make the game length as short as possible. The shorter the game the less minutes needed!
ItsNismoAceThis works out really good considering the enemies usually kill you or take the base within a minute or less
Posted by ItsNismoAce on 15 Jun 09 at 05:55
lord maideni tested this method and it works, they usually kill you within a mintue and the auto launch is 30 seconds, so every 1 and a half minutes, a match has been done.
Posted by lord maiden on 20 Jul 09 at 22:07