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EZI Worshipper

All the items related to EZI have been collected.

EZI Worshipper+0.2
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dropK1CK ninJAdropK1CK ninJA601,252
22 Mar 2009
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The following comes from's Eternal Sonata Guide. None of this is my work. I'm just trying to help spread the knowledge around.

All of your EZI items disappear going to your second play through, so don't even worry about them on your first play. You can't get them all until you have most of the score pieces, so try to follow the guide for "Score Piece Collector" closely, because the only way to play the right score piece is to have them all and count from the top to get to the right number. If you have missed any score pieces, counting to the right one will be impossible.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
EZI Cracker - Play Score Piece 2 for the Gentlemanly Pop in the square of Forte City.
EZI Certificate - Play Score Piece 5 with Wiseman Maracas in the Glissando Cliffs.

Chapter 3
EZI Photo - Play Score Piece 20 with Lonely Pitch at Lake Reverb.

Chapter 4
EZI Scarf - Play Score Piece 4 for Captive Congo on the Pirate Ship Dolce. (3F-NW Door)
EZI Egg - Play Score Piece 14 for Killer Bell Lyre in a hidden cave in the Sharp Mountains.
EZI String Phone - Play Score Piece 1 for Celebrity Marcato in Baroque Castle. (2F-East)
Smiling EZI - Play Score Piece 6 for Contrary Marimba outside Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.

Chapter 5
Cherry EZI - Play Score Piece 3 for Worrywort Horn by the fountain in Ritardando.
EZI Pajamas - Play Score Piece 11 for Shallow Sweet in Baroque Castle. (2F-West)

Chapter 6
EZI Paddle - Play Score Piece 7 for Granny's Girl Quena in the upper room of Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.
EZI Handkerchief - Play Score Piece 18 for Conceited Choir in Baroque City.
Elite EZI - Play Score Piece 21 for Solitary String (cat) in Tenuto.
EZI Pendant - Play Score Piece 27 Methodical Gospel in Ritardando.
Small EZI - Play Score Piece 29 for Precocious Flute by the cave in Agogo Village.
Swimming EZI - Play Score Piece 15 for Twilight JuJu in the Chorus Plains.
Laughing EZI - Play Score Piece 9 for Strolling Ghost Note in Hanon Hills.
EZI Pocketbook - Play Score Piece 13 for Tenacious Coronet in Cantabile Inn.
Weekly EZI - Play Score Piece 16 with Gentle Harp in Baroque City.

Chapter 7
Rainbow EZI - All the way to the east of Elegy City, inside a small urn. It is in front of the steps that takes you to the dunes.
EZI Bun - Play Score Piece 28 for Glamorous Oboe in Elegy City.
Chapel EZI - Play Score Piece 13 for Desolate Saburo in the Noise Dunes.
MortyDiceI missed score piece #20 because one of the guide I followed didn't mention that I had to trigger Dolce in Wah's volcano. Does it mean I'll need a third playthrough?
Posted by MortyDice on 11 Aug 09 at 11:38
MortyDiceOr more simply put, can I get back to Andante and find Lonely Pitch after Chapter 5?
Posted by MortyDice on 11 Aug 09 at 11:40
MortyDiceAfter some research, there's a teleporter in Chapter 6 when you play NGP. All hope might not be lost.
Posted by MortyDice on 11 Aug 09 at 12:17
dropK1CK ninJAYup the Game+ option, you have to use the teleporter in chapter 5 or 6 (can't remember) to clean up the EZI items before heading into dimensional rift.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 11 Aug 09 at 14:38
burnthelambFor the EZI Pajamas you have to play score piece 12 not 11.
Posted by burnthelamb on 15 Sep 09 at 05:05
dropK1CK ninJAThe score piece number really depends on how you collected them. The numbering system is the order you could collect them if you didn't miss any.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 20 Jan 10 at 03:50
S2LavenderI had a question regarding this achievement.

I am currently in the Encore Playthrough Chapter 6. I have just gained access to the warp machine. Prior to reaching this point, I had forgotten to collect the EZI pieces in their respective chapters. From Chapter 6, I attempted to collect the ones I had previously missed. However, I found out that I am unable to find Gentlemanly Pop in Forte City for the EZI Cracker nor Contrary Marimba in Baroque City for Smiling EZI.

Did anyone run into the same problem? Will I be able to find these two characters further along in the storyline or will I need to go through a third playthrough in order to gain the achievement? Thanks for any help!
Posted by S2Lavender on 13 Mar 11 at 09:24
dropK1CK ninJAI did not encounter the same problem as you, but from my understanding, with the warp machine on an encore play through you *should* be able to acquire all the EZI items.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 13 Mar 11 at 13:53
LonesquiffConfirming EZI Pajamas require score piece 12, not 11. Assuming you collect them in order that is.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 15 Aug 11 at 08:38
dropK1CK ninJAYes, the score piece numbering is a bit subjective since they're numbered in the order you collect them, which is a bit of a pain.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 15 Aug 11 at 10:06
Gaara 350 is a great site because it shows what the score piece looks like so you dont have to worry about getting them mixed up.
Posted by Gaara 350 on 16 Feb 14 at 06:39
Looking to get this game soon for a respectable completion.
Posted on 07 Aug 14 at 21:16
Sir LagselotHas been years since I played this game. Think I'll go through the completion this year. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Sir Lagselot on 08 Jan 20 at 23:09