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Successfully completed 20 Factory requests

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14 Sep 2008
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Simply complete 20 factory requests.

From time to time, you'll get a pop-up telling you that they're looking for a pinata. Sometimes it'll be a specific pinata, and sometimes it can be up to you. All you have to do is accept the challenge, place the crate somewhere in your garden, and load the specified pinata into the crate.

After a short while, your pinata will be returned along with some free candy.

These do not have to be consecutive. You can complete some and skip a few and still get this achievement.
StoodBridgeI almost never get those Factory requests :s
Posted by StoodBridge on 15 Jan 09 at 15:12
SatinStormeasy way to get factory requests is to start a new garden, you'll get a request almost immedietly....rinse and repeat.
Posted by SatinStorm on 03 Apr 09 at 20:36
TXRickCI had 960/1000 and couldn't get any factory requests to pop up, just made a new garden over and over again and it worked. Popped up within 30 seconds and repeated a few times until I got the achievement.
Posted by TXRickC on 25 Apr 09 at 06:31
HoffmanAfter I hit about lvl 35, and failed my second challenge (still didn't have a freakin fudgehog caught) I stopped getting requests. Making a second garden helped a lot.
Posted by Hoffman on 27 Jun 09 at 07:07
Gizmo2kTop tip from SatinStorm there. Really sped up getting those last few ;)
Posted by Gizmo2k on 20 Aug 10 at 20:11
S0PH0SI have been playing my first garden for over 5 hours now and never even seen a factory request pop up
Posted by S0PH0S on 08 Mar 16 at 16:24