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Lengthy Word

Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a 9 letter word. Scrabble is only available in NA & English.

Lengthy Word0
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24 Mar 2009
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To do this achievement you are going to need some letters on the board. Basically the achievement title describes it all. Use 5 or more tiles from your rack to spell a 9 letter word. This is easier done playing a solo game because you can set the words up however you want them and don't have to worry about another player screwing your plays up. If you're not very good at spelling, or you don't want to think, check out
Enter the letters you want to use in your word, and it will give you every word in the Scrabble dictionary with those letters in it.
that website doesnt help out to well
Posted on 25 Jun 09 at 02:56
HoffmanIf you put the letters on the board that you want to use, and the letters that are in your rack into the website, it will tell you all the possible combinations. I used it and got the achievement, and I know of other people that used it too.
Posted by Hoffman on 25 Jun 09 at 17:50
it must just be me because every time i try to use that site the highest word i can make is 8 letters and it uses the letters in the word that i put down over again in the new words
Posted on 30 Jun 09 at 16:04
Hoffmanyeah it does do that. I figured that's what you meant, but wasn't sure. You have to look for one that has that word already in it. Example - ANGER on the board. you have DYKLUOS on your tiles. DANGEROUSLY would be the new word for the achievement.
Posted by Hoffman on 01 Jul 09 at 00:04
Posted on 07 Jul 09 at 17:09
St Jolly777Ossifiers is the word that it got it for me...great tip!
Posted by St Jolly777 on 09 Dec 09 at 04:05