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As It Was Foretold...

Complete Career Mode

As It Was Foretold...-8.2
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19 Jul 2022 19 Jul 2022
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There are 38 levels in total for the career. Totalling 190 stars. The last level is the Lost Palace and by far the longest level in my opinion. There is a gem you need to clean on this level but only shows once everything else is fully cleaned and will appear at the tip of the palace.
masterelliot994There seems to be a bug currently where quitting a level can result in some of your progress being undone and prevent the Dirt Finder ability from working for a significant period of time when reloading the level.

In order to avoid this you should only quit the game after fully clearing a level or make use of auto-resume.

There is also a variation of this bug were, when reloading the level, you will find a completely clean area that has a full progress bar indicating it hasn't been cleaned at all, despite there being no visible dirt.
The only way to fix this is to quit the level and reload it, which will result in the affected areas being completely covered in dirt once more.

Just two things to watch out for whilst playing.
Posted by masterelliot994 on 20 Jul at 21:58
jdionioThe last level was such a pain..... Between rechecking all the spots (why have it flash yellow when there's yellow on the building?), little nooks and crannies you can't help but miss, and it being so big, I was regretting all my decisions.
Posted by jdionio on 21 Jul at 15:14
iiAssassinXxiiIn response to masterelliot994, I found that if you quit and reload, cleaning a different item seemed to reset the dirt finder. Not tested substantially though as I just make use of quick resume.
Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 21 Jul at 18:53
MarioBigodeI had cleaned the entire interior in a first run. The next day I cleaned the statue and some external parts. Today I opened the game and the entire inside was dirty again except the statue.

Posted by MarioBigode on 22 Jul at 19:26
SLAP PREMIUMI had that happen as well, and it was indeed frustrating. Thankfully my girl was kind enough to hop on co-op and help me polish it off the second time around. Oddly enough it was just the inside that seemed to reset (I cleaned the exterior first and it was fine when i loaded back in) except for the statue.
Posted by SLAP PREMIUM on 23 Jul at 13:21
Benanator117Be careful I cleaned everything then cleaned the gem at the end and my game glitched where i couldnt press continue to finish the level and when i reset the game i went back to 11%
Posted by Benanator117 on 24 Jul at 11:07
VGM 007I did about 60% of this overnight and when I got up today, using quick resume I finished it off and my game freezes on the job complete screen. So quick resume isn't the entirely 100% solution to avoiding this frustrating as hell problem.
Posted by VGM 007 on 24 Jul at 19:43
xX pAuLeR bEaRFinished the career yesterday, cleaned the lost palace in one sitting, credits rolled, put me back to the tablet with every job 100% complete, no achievement. I tried everything, don't know what else to do, guess thats 40 hours I have to do all over again.
Update: After a week of it not unlocking and them not answering me on Twitter I deleted my save and redid the career, unlocked without issue the 2nd time.
Posted by xX pAuLeR bEaR on 25 Jul at 07:28
PainfulPoopsHeyo! So I beat the game. All levels show up on my career page as completed. But this did not ding. Playing on Xbox Series X. Anyone else have this experience and know how to fix it?
Posted by PainfulPoops on 26 Jul at 00:04
M4D MONK3Y M4NCan this be done in co op? Or solo only, do both gain achievements? Ty
Posted by M4D MONK3Y M4N on 27 Jul at 03:04
Famicorps@M4D MONK3Y M4N Sadly it's not possible. It only counts for the host. The only progress is carried is the money you get by helping.
Posted by Famicorps on 30 Jul at 20:22
MugenFinished the last level, unable to press continue. Not sure what to do but I don't want to risk losing all my progress and having to do this level again.
Posted by Mugen on 31 Jul at 22:27
Phant0md87Anybody going for this. Just before you clean the gem I would open your tablet and load up a random challenge. It will save your progress on career.
Then you can load career up again and finish. This way if the game crashes you should be able to load back up at 99%

I got burned thought I had completed it when it crashed and when I came back on I was at 9% complete
Posted by Phant0md87 on 31 Jul at 22:47
TrombonafideI’m really glad I didn’t have any crashing issues. That final level took me about five hours playing in one go.
Posted by Trombonafide on 01 Aug at 15:50
Gruber HofYeah I think it would make sense to do what Phant0md87 said, start a challenge to save your progress at 99%
Posted by Gruber Hof on 02 Aug at 03:23
MUKKY STINKERSo this bug has happened twice to me now. Once on the subway station, then again last night on the Lost palace. This seriously needs sorting as I have probably already lost 5-6 hours of gameplay, to then read that even after completing it, some people aren't having the achievement pop. I can very easily say that if I complete it this evening and the achievement doesnt pop, its getting uninstalled.
Posted by MUKKY STINKER on 02 Aug at 06:10
Yes New GuyI've just completed this achievement and I took some breaks from doing it over a 2 day period using quick resume, so it appears that from all the different comments that this is bugged for some and not for others.
Posted by Yes New Guy on 05 Aug at 21:17
HoRus7088My game now also shows all 190 stars and no achievement for me ☹️
Posted by HoRus7088 on 06 Aug at 08:56
emcuewunbeeI thought it was bad when the subway when I got kicked from 85% to 61%, but I got caught by the bug and it reverted from complete to 17% on the last level. I'm not going through that trash again.
Posted by emcuewunbee on 07 Aug at 06:22
action framptonThis is complete BS. I got to around 77% earlier (after a few days) and made sure I saved before I quit the game…. Just loaded it up and on only 4% of this level is done. Screw this achievement.
Posted by action frampton on 07 Aug at 19:48
GHOST3o0o@M4D MONK3Y M4N The only achievements I've unlocked as the second player are the ones that state do x first, anything that requires you do finish the level first don't unlock
Posted by GHOST3o0o on 08 Aug at 00:43
Wet HamsterLast level is a joke. First time I lost all my progress because I could not press continue after clearing the palace. Second time I made sure I ‘saved’ by starting a random job before I finished cleaning the gem. When loaded back in i had it all cleaned up (visually) and gem was not showing. When I checked on tablet if everything was finished it came up that palace wasn’t cleaned at all even thou there was no visible dirt anywhere. I have rebooted the game and started level again just to be presented with a filthy palace from top to bottom -I am not doing this for the third time-time to uninstall 😞😥
Posted by Wet Hamster on 10 Aug at 12:42
Ruchie74This just glitched for me. Even using the saving method. Once I went back again everything was clean and there was nothing I could do. This is ridiculous.
Posted by Ruchie74 on 12 Aug at 03:15
GamerZz vIGlitched for me too
Posted by GamerZz vI on 12 Aug at 20:07
GamerZz vIThis is dumb. My game crashed when the game finished. It completed the job. The credits rolled. I decided to press back and was at the main menu area… and my game crashed of sorts… so I quit the game… reloaded and the job was done so I couldn’t try and finish it again and no achievement and at 190 stars. I thought this might have been because of the outage but that seems to not be the case.
Posted by GamerZz vI on 12 Aug at 22:09
artful c0dgerAdd me to the glitched list, 190 stars and no achievement. Only had 1 problem during the whole game, finished the fishing boat level and wouldn’t let me press start to complete, quit the game and loaded back up and was back down to 4% complete angry

Edit: Sat at home not on my Xbox and just had a notification for the achievement.
Posted by artful c0dger on 13 Aug at 04:57
DhruulGlitch here as well. Very annoying.
Posted by Dhruul on 14 Aug at 07:15
SilverStone8833Glitched on me a few days ago.

Edit it just unlocked for me in the middle of the night
Posted by SilverStone8833 on 14 Aug at 12:02
corpirateThis just popped for me, first try. Having read these comments, I'm so happy I don't have to do that level again! I did this in a few sittings, I just opened the tablet whenever I turned my console off, I did not quit or try any other strategies. It's worth noting, I did not play any other games between sittings on this level. Good luck to everyone else. Achievement popped as soon as the Gem was fully clean and the job complete notification popped up.
Posted by corpirate on 15 Aug at 08:13
DhruulIt unlocked yesterday win the App without being online on my Xbox.
Posted by Dhruul on 18 Aug at 18:15
ttfp saylowAs much as I love the game (70+ hours on it 😅), this last level is pushing my patience. It'll take me at least the another two or three sittings to complete!
Posted by ttfp saylow on 25 Aug at 04:48
HoRus7088Is there an update coming to patch this? ☹️
Posted by HoRus7088 on 02 Sep at 20:14
TrnippSomething I found to be a huge help was the triple tip nozzle on the PRO. I’m not sure exactly when it becomes available in the shop, but if it’s not there yet I’d recommend checking frequently for it, as it makes clearing levels so much faster. Using it in combination with the long extension and standing a fair distance away, you can easily clean surfaces quickly. I’ve found that it’s best for the exterior of objects, and then use the soap to get to tighter areas
Posted by Trnipp on 19 Sep at 04:15