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The HeapeThe Heape556,083
25 Mar 2009 11 Jun 2012
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Most of the evidence in the game is required for advancement but the ones I noticed that weren't are:

Chapter 2: When to are following the trail of fluid when you get to the broken elevator investigate the top button on the elevator for a fingerprint.

Chapter 2: Before you move the locker (if you move it before checking the scratches you will have to redo the level) to get in the seceret room at the end of the level check the floor for scratches.

Chapter 4: Your lab lady mentions this but after the full blown hobo fight near the end of the level you have to photograph a map twice. First of the whole thing and then a close-up on the circled part.

Chapter 8: On the left wall of the hallway when you see the armless teacher bouncing around there is trace evidence on a stain of blood.
The GlobalizerFYI, if you miss any you can go back and replay the chapter to get it. Achievement pops at the end of the chapter.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Sep 09 at 04:06
InugamiTheHoundis the map after the subway fight?? Or much later??

because I could only take one picture of the map
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 30 Jan 10 at 06:40
TwIzTeRSwedo i have to play trough the game to get it? or could i just load a chapter?=)
Posted by TwIzTeRSwe on 18 Jun 10 at 09:59
The Heapeim not 100% sure but if they work like the collectables you should be able to.
Posted by The Heape on 18 Jun 10 at 11:26
Sora401KThanks for this. Helped me find the last one I needed.
Posted by Sora401K on 09 Aug 10 at 17:54
NorrisMMI missed the one with the scratches on the floor, I just ran up to it and moved it before looking the first time
Posted by NorrisMM on 07 Jan 11 at 20:40
JODAWit was the scratches for me too on chapter 2 i didnt even know they where there on my first run through of the game so positive from me
Posted by JODAW on 12 Jan 11 at 22:41
MakkerIt was the scratches marks on chapter 2 that I'd missed as well.
Posted by Makker on 21 Jan 11 at 02:09
SwervinCurvinDamn scratches are kickin our ass. I missed them too, nice solution
Posted by SwervinCurvin on 01 Feb 11 at 04:04
Cellar AtticThe scratches got me too, gents. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Cellar Attic on 28 Mar 11 at 15:33
XxSpazemxXWould be a good idea to note that if you move the locker BEFORE looking at the scratches you will miss it and cant go back, happen to me =(
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 29 Feb 12 at 16:47
Ripley LV426Thanks for the tips! I missed the scratches as well. I started a new game for my 2nd playthrough and this popped after completing Chapter 2.
Posted by Ripley LV426 on 06 Mar 12 at 06:12
DemonDuffehThax for the tips really helped i only missed one on my first guide free playthrough. Bet no one can guess which one...
Posted by DemonDuffeh on 10 Apr 12 at 18:13
BrumtownManglerThe one in Chapter 4 IS NOT A MAP! It is infact a Blueprint for a subway car. At the end of the level you will be required to open a subway car door using the crowbar. The blueprint is on the table to the left just outside the room with the crowbar.
Posted by BrumtownMangler on 26 Jun 12 at 21:14
Seven Clipthanks for the guide, was missing the scratches too!
Posted by Seven Clip on 13 Sep 12 at 18:07
Milamber 5That Chapter 2 file cabinet missing scratches one was the key! Thanks so much!
Posted by Milamber 5 on 05 Oct 12 at 00:29
beets101I too missed the scratches many thanks thumbs up from me.
Posted by beets101 on 26 Nov 12 at 01:07
BO THEIMPALERdamn scratches lol..... i as well
Posted by BO THEIMPALER on 14 Jan 13 at 04:44
deutschZuidYou might want to note in your solution that the achievement doesn't pop until you finished the chapter that you are missing an evidence on.
Posted by deutschZuid on 07 Apr 13 at 08:53
Warboy925Is the the top button on the elevator really "missable"? I found it easy, but I'm glad I read about the "scratches" though!
Posted by Warboy925 on 31 Jul 14 at 09:01
AngrymagnoxFor the record, the progress for this collectable is held on your profile not the save file
Posted by Angrymagnox on 06 Sep 15 at 21:14
Panzerdrako7yep, i miss the locker "Clue" and i pick the achievement in my second walkthru
Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 28 Jun 16 at 16:36
I didnt even touch the scratches in chapter 2 and the achievement pkpped at the end of 9
Posted on 11 Apr 17 at 03:04
Warboy925"pkpped"? lol, jk mate!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 11 Apr 17 at 03:06
The Nerds ClubThe Map in Chapter 4 is not a map it's a Blueprint the Map is Early in Chapter 4 & you can only take 1 picture of it, The Blueprint you have to take pictures of later on.
Posted by The Nerds Club on 16 Sep at 13:00