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The Bog

Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty

The Bog+0.1
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Reverend TacoReverend Taco109,723
26 Mar 2009
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okay, war pig is pretty simple. just be sure to take cover if you are EVER shot, and take out everyone before you even THINK of moving forward. now, the ending of The Bog is hard (getting to the machine gun) but i found it best to crawl, youre a harder target. make sure to always try and stay behind cover too. when you call in the air strike on that house, theres a dumpster near it. get behind it and lay down. they cant hit you through the trashcan. pretty simple, but a very hard mission, to say the least...just take your time, always stay in cover, and use the enemy weapons. use their weapons, you keep lots of ammo and that's always good. also, make sure if you DO go out of cover, shoot just one or two people, then get back in cover and reload.