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Earn enough multiplayer experience to reach level 25 (not Custom)

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26 Mar 2009 23 Jul 2009
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To get to Level 25 you must earn a total EXP of: 82,884; This took me
15-20 Hours playing Annex, You can only gain Exp in Public matches (Ranked),

...& now with TU4 you can get EXP in Local, Private & Public Horde.

This is a list of actual game mode values:

Warzone 1
Execution 0.95
Guardian 0.83
Submission 0.47
Annex 0.23
KOTH 0.28
Wingman 1.09

This is a list of approximate Game Duration values:

Warzone 1
Execution 1
Guardian 0.8
Submission 0.4
Annex 0.5
KOTH 0.5
Wingman 1.15

NOTE: if u would like to see every level & the EXP needed check this site:

^ All 100 level's have been confirmed by gamer's ...

A 2rue Beast
Posted by Spoilt8 on 28 Mar 09 at 23:40
Posted by Spoilt8 on 28 Mar 09 at 23:41
Blackflame0729They need to fix the system -.-
-I was playing with my brother last night on Guardian, 2 people on their team quit and my bro lost 3k exp (we DID! complete the match) and I gain more exp then I had points.
-This morning I was playing Annex and had 6k poiints, 3 people on their team quit and I only got 50 exp.
-My teammate quit on wingman, I lost exp for it.

BULL!CRAP! Its a HORRIBLE system right now that really needs to be fixed
Posted by Blackflame0729 on 29 Mar 09 at 13:45
II R3B1RTH IIYo blackflame thats weird bro i havent lost any exp since the update, i have had matches where i got 0 exp but i was host & it said that my connection was so bad i dont deserve any exp, also ive never a match sine the update but its weird how your losing exp for other players on your team that quit, they should be punished.. its just bullshit for you & your brother, Hope E.P.I.C return the exp back to you.
Posted by II R3B1RTH II on 29 Mar 09 at 16:02
GriZzly GRiP1500 hours thats pathetic but whats more pathetic is i'll put in the time to grt the achivement.
Posted by GriZzly GRiP on 02 Apr 09 at 03:26
i THINK 1500 hours is bs myself, even 1000 is bs.
Posted on 04 Apr 09 at 01:41
after 48 hours i am level 34... so you do the math.
Posted on 04 Apr 09 at 01:42
II R3B1RTH IIhaha but Level 34 takes about 180,000 exp & Level 100 takes 6.8 million so u do the math.
Posted by II R3B1RTH II on 04 Apr 09 at 08:39
tmffireworkLevel 100 doesn't take 6.8 million exp. there are other sites who say you have to achieve much less exp.
Posted by tmffirework on 04 Apr 09 at 20:14
Layone4eobest way to get to lvl 100 is to play guardian. me and my buddies average 3k a game and gives us about 2.8k so its really the best bet if you want to win, get kills, and rank up fast
Posted by Layone4eo on 05 Apr 09 at 21:57
Blackflame0729I like to play annex and just run around killing everybody and if Im close enough, get the caputre points (+200). Im currently at 27.

1500 Hours......Good and bad. Good: Keeps you playing, Bad: TOO LONG :p
Posted by Blackflame0729 on 08 Apr 09 at 20:50
Posted by ASJ07 on 13 Apr 09 at 03:49
sadelackthis is great info
Posted by sadelack on 14 May 09 at 08:06
xR4Z0R713xIm just wondering why everyone is saying 1500 hours. Its 15 hours
Posted by xR4Z0R713x on 08 Jul 09 at 01:58
II R3B1RTH II^ 1500 hours is what people think it takes to get 6.8 million exp for Level 100, which may be true depending on the players choose of gametype & their skill.
Posted by II R3B1RTH II on 10 Jul 09 at 18:57
rolley4245so u can get exp in horde or no?
Posted by rolley4245 on 16 Sep 09 at 02:03
rolley4245so u can get exp in horde or no?
Posted by rolley4245 on 16 Sep 09 at 02:07
Posted by ItsNismoAce on 30 Sep 09 at 19:44
rdfreeman33My nephew wicho got this 1 and the rankl 15 achievment, just by playing with me splitscreen-local coop, hes only a rank #7 i got it the legit way.
Posted by rdfreeman33 on 06 Oct 09 at 14:28
Solario32Great guide...thank you for the conversion ratings. Didnt know Wingman was so high.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 05:09
PR0MOTESays I got the lvl 5 and lvl 15 achievements offline (prob doing horde), but when I go to multiplayer the number beside my name is 1, where do I check what my true rank is? I can't be level 1...
Posted by PR0MOTE on 26 Mar 18 at 06:55