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Ghillies In The Mist

Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without alerting any enemies

Ghillies In The Mist0
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This is easier than it sounds. for one...dont try it on vetran.
As Z0rrofox stated, restart if you are detected.
I find the toughest bit is before the junk yard section where there are a few scraped vehicles (helicopter for one) and the terrain is all marsh land. When your scottish friend asks you to either sneak or kill them go prone and slowly go right. Ctp macmillan will go infront of you and also go prone. from there follow him and move slowly
dunnidThere's no need to restart the whole level if you are detected. Just get yourself killed right away, then you'll start from the previous checkpoint and it won't count as you getting detected.
Posted by dunnid on 16 Oct 08 at 18:51
Planekonomii did it on veteran don't se why it's harder..
Posted by Planekonomi on 04 Mar 09 at 20:24
HuGh1212i had fun doing this achievement xD
Posted by HuGh1212 on 06 Apr 09 at 23:50
MeticulousMighteasy if you just listen to Captain MacMillan exactly, cant get detected if you follow ever order to the "T"
Posted by MeticulousMight on 10 Jun 09 at 18:03
AndroidOdnetninI know, I was able to beat it on veteran no problem. I don't think I had to restart more than once.
Posted by AndroidOdnetnin on 24 Jun 09 at 15:59
StoodBridgeI did it on Veteran too, easy.
Posted by StoodBridge on 14 Jul 09 at 11:15
AC1DGro0ve 3o3' insert pointless comment here ' ...thank you , drive thru!
Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 07 Dec 09 at 21:38
KINGxOFxKUSHdon't you mean if you slowly go left instead of right, because to the right is the forklift you are using for cover when he asks you to take them out or sneak past them
Posted by KINGxOFxKUSH on 05 Jul 10 at 04:30
Luckylfci did it on veteran and got caught twice,i died both times too and it still gave me the chievo
Posted by Luckylfc on 17 Oct 10 at 11:51
TangerineGamerDon't do this on veteran? When you play on veteran you need to not be discover just to get through this part without dying
Posted by TangerineGamer on 22 Aug 14 at 09:25