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Get Some Grub

Squish every antlion grub in Episode Two.

Get Some Grub0
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14 Sep 2008
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There are 333 grubs in episode 2 chapters 1 and 2. They make a buzzing sound when you're near so explore to find them all. Be careful before entering an area you can't get back from, like jumping down off a cliff. I recommend making a manual save before entering the grub tunnels and maintaining that until you get this achievement. If you miss a grub you can reload and try again. You might also make a separate manual save after completing each section with the correct amount of grubs as listed below.

* 93 when you get to the part with the vortigaunt saving Alyx
* 142 when you get to the elevator in the mines
* 226 when you get to the elevator and the thumper in a large open room
* 263 when you get to the acid-lion guard when he first can kill you
* 332 when you get back to the area where the vortigaunts are saving Alyx
* 333 after the vortigaunts save Alyx and begin to walk out; this one is tricky as after you go down the long tunnel and enter an area that looks like the mines, turn around to find the last grub behind you
Crimson Driftermmmm grubs :)
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 04 Feb 09 at 09:49
D3cad3ncevery very vague
Posted by D3cad3nce on 22 Feb 09 at 11:53
T3H B1VDo you have to get all the grubs on one playthrough?
I have 306 and I just started chapter 3, if I reload the chapters from the main menu and kill the ones I missed, will I get the achievement?
Posted by T3H B1V on 30 Jul 09 at 17:55
Mr FiddlerYes, it has to be in one playthrough.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 01 Nov 09 at 11:57
AdolphMarxThank you, I found the count to be most helpful when choosing whether or not to save. Also, I'm fairly certain, the antlion grubs are only found in the last chapter (Chapter 2).
Posted by AdolphMarx on 06 Jul 11 at 21:24
MugenKairoIs there any way to reset your counter, on a new playthrough it still has your high score. On a casual playthrough I snagged 323 grubs but it makes it harder to keep track.
Posted by MugenKairo on 19 Jun 12 at 06:54
z RagnaroK z@MugenKairo: mine reset once I started the level from the beginning again. I actually started from the beginning of the episode and played all the way through to this part, so maybe that's the trick in getting it to reset the counter.
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 18 Feb at 15:10