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In online multiplayer you need 675,000 xp. The fastest way to achieve this is to play Terrorist Hunt on LVU Campus with the enemy density set at high and realistic difficulty.

This can be done in player matches and it it faster than ranked matches because nobody playes ranked matches.
VT PrfNutbutterThank God I was addicted to this game or I would have never been able to reach Elite.
Posted by VT PrfNutbutter on 02 Apr 09 at 22:30
br1zzoThis. 600 XP per successful match. With a good group you can bang these out in 2-5 minutes a piece. There are tons of t-hunts on LVU Campus going on at any time.

Note: If you are killed in a round where someone joins, you will receive no experience.
Posted by br1zzo on 23 May 09 at 18:38
Pedle ZelnipAnd it still takes FOREVER. :p
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 05 Jun 09 at 09:32
Digital GungnirIf your unsure of how much more exp you need from your current rank here is a list detailing the amount of exp required per rank.

Private Second Class - Experience Required: 0 pts. (Default Rank)
Private First Class - Experience Required: 3,000 pts
Specialist - Experience Required: 8,400 pts
Corporal - Experience Required: 14,500 pts.
Sergeant - Experience Required: 23,500 pts
Staff Sergeant - Experience Required: 38,500 pts.
Sergeant First Class - Experience Required: 56,500 pts.
Master Sergeant - Experience Required: 82,500 pts.
First Sergeant - Experience Required: 109,500 pts.
Sergeant Major - Experience Required: 139,000 pts.
Second Lieutenant - Experience Required: 172,000 pts.
First Lieutenant - Experience Required: 214,000 pts
Captain - Experience Required: 264,000 pts
Major - Experience Required: 333,000 pts.
Lt. Colonel - Experience Required: 415,000 pts
Colonel - Experience Required: 535,000 pts.
Elite - Experience Required: 675,000 pts

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Posted by Digital Gungnir on 09 Feb 10 at 16:23
If you get bored of LVU Campus (unlikely) with a little spawning (running in shooting then pulling back and killing T's one by one) the maps; Dantes, Streets, Kill House and Border Town are just as easy. Dont mess about with the Vault or Dam on Real High unless your as good as me.
Posted on 21 Feb 10 at 03:17
MstrofdashadowsI've noticed that you can get the xp screen to come up twice i am to high of a level to check and see if this does actually award 1200xp a game but would like to know if anyone can check. after mission success screen when you see your 600xp hold (x) the black loading screen will appear and you will see the 600xp screen again. it be much appreciated if anyone can check this for me or can answer from previous knowledge.
Posted by Mstrofdashadows on 12 Apr 10 at 02:46
Dat Boi TreezyDo the THunts have to be Ranked?
Posted by Dat Boi Treezy on 16 Apr 10 at 17:12
British GMNo, they can be Player Matches...well, i get XP during player so i assume so
Posted by British GM on 08 May 10 at 23:15
Pedle ZelnipYes they can be player matches, I don't think I ever played a single ranked T-hunt and I have my Elite.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 09 May 10 at 00:28
Epsilon ThetaIf you could update your solution with all the information mentioned in the comments that would be awesome! ^^
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 29 Oct 10 at 13:10
BiG PaPa ChIlLi can't find where it shows your total xp
Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 28 May 11 at 18:46
NonfaithLVU is great for filling in the gaps when there are not dedicated servers to dead stick on but I would NEVER do all the points on LVU. That's 1,175 matches at 5 min each (minimum): 98 hours of active playing. Most random people online suck at this game. So add another 5 min. Dead stick people. Dead stick.
Posted by Nonfaith on 05 Jul 11 at 16:58
Epsilon ThetaI suggest you update your solution with all information that has been added by the comments and give credit. It will vastly improve your solutions!
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 10 Jul 11 at 18:17
willow veon any given day it seems like there are still 2-3 games public games running with these settings. you might need to join a lobby and wait until their current game is done, but that usually only takes 2-5 minutes max.

as said before; if you have 4 players helping the hunt it will go much faster.
Posted by willow ve on 30 Jul 11 at 05:46
TetrahedriteIf you die and your partner(s) kill the remaining terrorist, do you still receive experience?
Posted by Tetrahedrite on 12 Dec 11 at 22:45
qManballinAs of 6/10/2013, when randoms join your game, even though I survived and won the T-hunt, I still received no XP so might as well suicide in the future.
Posted by qManballin on 10 Jun 13 at 06:55
qManballin^ True. I stand corrected. Randomly get xp vs not so... no clue yet again XD
Posted by qManballin on 22 Jun 13 at 02:09
XF34Rx KiNGzzHow do u set up t Hunt
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 04 Dec 13 at 14:37
Go to Multiplayer - Xbox live - Create match

> Coop Terrorist Hunt
> Player Matches give you the same XP as Ranked, this game is still alive but in nobody ever plays ranked
> Choose your map; LVU Campus if you like, but Dantes and the Streets are easy too
> Set it to up to 4 Private slots if you don't want any randoms to join
> Dedicated server to no (unless you just want to spectate)

You can choose your weapons in the lobby, certain gadgets like Tear gas and GPS are automatically restricted and can't be changed, set the timer to around 15 mins when you're first starting out but the Campus should only take a few minutes each time. Set friendly fire to 'off' if you're playing with randoms or just want an easy run, you can invite anyone you like in and wait for them to ready up with X button or just launch game. You need at least two players for a match to start and you can kick anyone you like from the pause menu.

As for difficulty setting it to Normal Low = 100 xp, Normal Medium = 200 xp, Normal High = 300 xp, Realistic Low = 200, Realistic Medium = 400 xp and Realistic High = 600 xp. Depending on how you play High densities are actually easier as you can kill larger groups of tango's at the same time.
Posted on 06 Dec 13 at 17:46
Guile132This is a very lengthy, time consuming achievement. If you yourself don't have a really good strategy, it'll take even longer. Best way to do it, is to create a TA session and specify that you're looking for good players to assist in getting this achievement. Playing with randoms is the worse way to go because you encounter a bunch of quitters that will quit after dying early in the game. I've gotten very good on this map from playing it for so long, that my strategy works 95% of the times but if you have a full team of good players, it'll go smooth but still takes so long to reach Elite.
Posted by Guile132 on 24 Mar 14 at 02:41
YOOPER 906600 XP gained + 600 XP lost. I'm surviving every time and winning the round. Any reason why I'm not getting the XP?
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 01 Mar 16 at 00:46
MochawlCan anyone confirm if you get XP via system link since the servers are down?
Posted by Mochawl on 27 Apr 18 at 13:53
MAJIN BOOSHYou have to be good like o DEEVIUS o, if you’re not than don’t bother playing the maps he mentioned
Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 09 Jun 18 at 13:32
The game is a lot easier if you take it in stages - Don't just run in and start shooting because they will overwhelm you and flank you from every angle.

The idea for completing every map on realistic high alone is 'Provoke & retreat':
When you first enter a map there are no enemies at all anywhere, you unlock them by moving past 'spawn thresholds' - once they are unlocked they begin to slowly spread out and search, but the idea is to lure them into a bottleneck and kill them like fish in a barrel from behind good cover.

Enter the map, find the first good piece of cover, go in to the next part of the map to unlock the enemies, shoot your weapon without a silencer and then pull back to the cover. They will all respond to the fire and one by one allow you to gun them down in relative safety. You can learn the best places across the map to do this and have a solid 99% victory rate on any map.
Posted on 09 Jun 18 at 18:01