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Go through every dialog with Lucy.

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31 Mar 2009 29 Dec 2010
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A complete list of when and how many times you need to talk to Lucy in order to get the achievement. You need to speak with her all of these times in the SAME playthrough, so make sure you don't miss any or you'll have to start a brand new game.

First Time – Is right at the end of Memory Block One (the first time you’re pulled out of the Animus). You must talk with her twice; press any button to begin the conversation.

Second Time – At the end of Memory Block Two (after you have assassinated your first main target). You must talk with Lucy three times here.

Third Time – Is at the end of Memory Block Three. You must talk with Lucy twice.

Fourth Time – Is at the end of Memory Block Four. You only need to speak with her once here. Note: This conversation is automatic, you don’t need to press any buttons to initiate it.

Fifth Time – You need to talk with Lucy once again at the end of Memory Block Five. You have to speak with her three times.

Final Time – The last time you need to speak with her is after you have slain your last target, or Memory Block Six. You must only speak with her once.

You should now get the achievement!
CaltropI appreciate you mentioning that the one after memory block 4 is automatic. I reloaded because I thought I missed it.

Posted by Caltrop on 13 Nov 09 at 01:18
I SOV IIs it possible to get this achievement after you have passed the first memory block? Like can you replay the first one and it activate that scene?
Posted by I SOV I on 20 Dec 10 at 13:32
iiM SO N1NJAIt all has to be done in the same playthrough.

So, no, you cannot like beat the game by getting them all but the first one and then going back and just complete the first one to unlock the achievement. You would need to get them all again.
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 20 Dec 10 at 15:27
RabidDolphin87Thanks this helped me get that last achievement I needed!
Posted by RabidDolphin87 on 16 Feb 11 at 20:07
xKevinKamikazexso if youve beat the game do you have to redo the whole game?
Posted by xKevinKamikazex on 23 Mar 11 at 15:32
iiM SO N1NJAyeah, unfortunately. ):
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 23 Mar 11 at 16:07
Panzer x360aI am not sure if I did both conversations after memory block one, is there any way to tell?
Posted by Panzer x360a on 28 Mar 11 at 02:54
iiM SO N1NJAunfortunately, nope.

if you're going for the full 1k, you may just wish to restart the game now and save yourself a possible speedrun of the entire game while you're stuck at 980 later.
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 28 Mar 11 at 13:50
SLY OO7nice guide i didnt need it cuz i had it already but this was good none the less
Posted by SLY OO7 on 05 Apr 11 at 03:02
koobz2142can you have multiple saves?
or will a new game delete ALL of my original playthrough?
Posted by koobz2142 on 29 Jun 11 at 02:45
VictorLizcano77@Koobz2142 you could copy your original playthrough in a USB Flash drive and then start a new game in the hard drive. At least, that's what I'm planning to get this cheevo.
Posted by VictorLizcano77 on 20 Jul 11 at 14:44
Funky MonkeeNice guide, just need to play the game through again for this now and the 1K
Posted by Funky Monkee on 26 Aug 11 at 08:52
Solario32mhmm...Sarah Marshall :)
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 03:11
The Great CheThis achievement seems to be a little bit glitched. After memory block 6 I wasn't able to talk to Lucy. I had to quit the game. It restartet after memory block 6 and oops I could tlak to her.
Posted by The Great Che on 09 Oct 11 at 18:54
Matt the PrattWhats with the negative votes? This guide is everything you need. Stupid people! Great guide....will be using this on my re-run for the 1000gs.
Posted by Matt the Pratt on 20 Jan 12 at 18:13
R3DC10V3RI have played through this game twice now trying to get this achievement. Is there a possible glitch? I'm stuck at 980 on this game. I heard you have to wait till she repeats herself saying, "Aren't you tired?" and "Sorry can't talk, got work to do." Is this true or is it to ensure you've had every conversation with her before you go to rest?
Posted by R3DC10V3R on 09 Feb 12 at 08:16
Mr FORTY SEVENyes it's true R3DC10V3R
when you hear those sentences you can make sure there's no dialogue left
Posted by Mr FORTY SEVEN on 04 Mar 12 at 11:49
This guide worked perfectly for me, thanks a million :)
Posted on 09 Mar 12 at 17:41
IllicitDeKayi swear if it wasnt for these cut scenes i could finish this game in 10 minutes
Posted by IllicitDeKay on 30 Sep 12 at 21:30
NeilArnold1987in the solution below it says dont go to sleep go back out go at the computer and read all messages, then go to sleep after memory block 4
if i didnt go to the computer and read the messages i should still get this achievement right?
thanks in advance for any feedback
Posted by NeilArnold1987 on 16 Nov 12 at 16:36
CarlosMaestre85reading all, just in case
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 27 Mar 13 at 05:05
amillentIm a little late to the party here but after memory block 3 she just kind of left the room after one dialogue and didn't even give me the option for the other.
Posted by amillent on 31 Aug 13 at 19:51
PRlSTlNEThat's memory block 4 amillent. Your fine. Just make sure you talk till her untill she says she has work to do.
Posted by PRlSTlNE on 02 Sep 13 at 21:27
Col Double DRedo whole game! Stupid bitch ran off in the beginning!!!!!!angry
Posted by Col Double D on 26 Nov 14 at 01:34
SPARTAN FITZYi know im late to this but went back to finish the game off and i need this one will i be pulled out of the animus each time i need to speak to her or will i need to leave manually thanks for the guide tho thumbs up from me just needed to clear that up
Posted by SPARTAN FITZY on 19 Jun 16 at 08:04
H MalthouseThere is a glitch after Memory Block 6 (maybe others too) where if you happen to block Lucy's path as she attempts to sit on the Animus, the prompt to talk to her will never appear.

If that happens to you, reset the console (or quit out and restart if playing on Xbox One) without having Desmond go to sleep. The game will load back in just as you're being pulled out from the Animus. Stay well away from Lucy until she's sat down and Warren's left the room before trying to talk to her and the prompt should work.
Posted by H Malthouse on 31 May 17 at 14:32
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 14 Mar 20 at 21:32
MrKoolxDoodThe worst part is that they spelled dialogue wrong
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 15 Mar 20 at 04:16
TheKiltdHeathen"Dialog" is American English, gaining prominence in the 1980's for computing, but has begun to drift into "conversation between people".
Posted by TheKiltdHeathen on 28 May 20 at 19:02
EskimosoundCan I just not replay memory blocks to get this? I don't want to start a new game.
Posted by Eskimosound on 31 Aug 20 at 14:09
XkulfonXAw shit is very annoying achievement.
Posted by XkulfonX on 26 Jun 21 at 13:36
Rainbow Crash42Is this achievement glitched on some copies of the game? I tried a bunch of times to talk to Lucy after memory block 6, when the gunfire was going off, and it wasn't possible to interact with her.
Posted by Rainbow Crash42 on 25 Oct 21 at 23:38
LIAM SLANEY86See I dnt remember talked her first two memory's , I'm on n4 AHH y leave games years n then come bk them , my back log joke tbh
Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 11 Sep at 09:43
LIAM SLANEY86Awsome I did speak her popped after Robert GS and talked her , nearly finished game CBA with flags got 675 GS it so far no GS have been buggy for me
Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 15 Sep at 11:37