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TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

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02 Apr 2009 11 Aug 2011
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All ready mentioned in the transmissionary solution but i found this guide to be ace:

(Credited to CarlottaMonroe)

using this guide i can offer the following further advice:

Best attempted at lvl 50 (or at least with a full inventory space, as you level up pretty fast with all these completed escorts, PP photos etc.)

Dont stress too much about trying to follow all of the timings posted in the guide as they can be quite tight, its often best to save early and plan your routes in accordance with the time available (e.g i found it easier to deal with cliff after meeting kent, then picking up gordon, ronald, heather and pamela along the way back). The more you play you'll get a feel for the games structure and find whats best for you.

The AI can be crazy/unpredictable at times so effecient use of waypoint markers is a must and remember to keep them relatively close to you as you clear a path as sometimes zombies respwan on top of them if you move out of shot, holding hands/ supporting solo surviors through large groups speeds up trips through large packs of zombies as 9/10 times you wont get touched.

The real Mega Blaster and Triple Booked Small Chainsaw are a must, reducing psychos's to a mere inconvienence and freeing up inventory slots to give weapons / foods to surviors. I found a Triple Booked Skateboard usefull as well to zip around the mall (1 Book is required for the Small Chainsaws anyway meaning only two further books are required)

Finally SAVE OFTEN!!!!!!

Good Luck!!

UPDATE: Reading through some comments it seems that there is a common theme in that one of otis's calls is unanswered. This could be for a couple of reasons - a) there are too many active survivors for a call to come through; there needs to be less than 8 at any one time or b) the player is in the area that the call pertains to.

I found a really good list over at x360a that condenses all the calls and details where you should NOT be at the time (Credit to aPerfektFIaw)

Hope this helps.
slikThis is a great guide as are TeMpLaR's comments. This worked for me first time.
Posted by slik on 04 Jul 09 at 18:28
DJ ZibbymanThe guide above is good but like he said, the times are so tight but don't let it bother you.

The system will delay a scoop if you already have scoops that need to be done that equal 8 people or the number of people you're escorting plus number of scoops active =8 ( the max you can escort at one time.) So the time you actually accomplish them may be off but don't worry you still get credit. My advice is to attempt Saint and Transmissionary on separate play throughs as you will find yourself over whelmed with trying to get all of otis calls and get 50 people out in the same game.

couple of tips that will help:
1. After you get your survivors on the roof, there is no need for them to hold onto the weapons you gave them. So grab one of the soccer balls nearby and trade it for one of the good weapons. This will save you time going to grab an uzi from any of the locations in the guide again. Since survivors have unlimited ammo, you can give the recovered weapons to your next group of survivors.

2. When taking survivors through leisure park: Hug the Wall to the right if you are coming from food court. You can avoid the Convicts almost the whole game if you do it right. Hug the wall to the left if your coming from North Plaza.

3. Its possible to go through the game without ever fighting cletus or visiting the gun shack. But its up to you. With the triple booked chainsaw and your real mega blaster, you wont have many problems.

Always take a wooden weapon like a bat when you are doing survivor runs because you will likely have to beat a few zombies off your survivors. They can take quite a few hits from wooden weapons and still be ok. You can use your chainsaw but take great care as its very easy to take out one of your survivors in the process.

Lastly, I would say pause your game after objectives so you can think about what you need to do next and plan for it. This will keep the in game time from running down which is crucial in this game. Know who your going after and what you will need to get it done.
For example: To easily save Pamela and Heather, Susan, or Nick and Sally, you should have at least one queen to kill a group of zombies quick. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be.
Posted by DJ Zibbyman on 29 Oct 09 at 08:13
IrishBeatdownNote: You can let ONE survivor die and still get this achievement.
Posted by IrishBeatdown on 29 Jan 10 at 19:51
freedoms stainGreat guide but bear in mind that you might not be able to follow it to the letter and you might find yourself in situations where you have to do things in slightly different order or drag a few extra survivors along to another scoop to save time.

Unfortunately I somehow managed to miss a call somewhere and didn't land Transmissionary but I did get Saint.

The survivor AI is absolutely abysmal at times so save often and get used to planting down plenty of line-of-sight waypoints as complex tasks like working their way out of shops, turning corners and walking through open doors (yes, open doors) can prove frustrating and time consuming if the waypoint is not line-of-sight. Large groups will also push and shove each other like spoiled brats - if that is hindering progress you can lead one or 2 away by the hand, or my favourite - have Frank run through their midst to scatter them apart. The book you get after killing the Cult leader definitely helped me as I ran out of time transporting them to the Security room without it (Nathan in particular just wouldn't seem to freakin move) and they definitely seemed to move more like a cohesive unit with it. However after that point the book is pretty useless as you won't be transporting many large groups afterwards.

P.S. you can definitely let 1 survivor die as IrishBeatdown suggests. I let Shinji die because he was a straggler who couldn't handle a Shotgun (and I forgot I had a Queen on me).
Posted by freedoms stain on 13 Apr 10 at 08:59
The9thChevronWorking on this one right now and this issue I'm running into is that I am too powerful. Every now and then I'll hit a survivor with a Mega Buster shot or a Swords swing and kill them. Very annoying.
Posted by The9thChevron on 11 May 10 at 02:05
ShadowPandaThat's why you carry a wooden bat so it doesn't hurt them as much as a freaking chainsaw would XD
Posted by ShadowPanda#3487 on 20 Jul 10 at 14:41
Darkon XWhat do the color codes mean in that guide?
Posted by Darkon X on 03 Sep 10 at 00:12
chaoslinksIf you are doing this with the Transmissionary achievement play up to the part where you fight the butcher. Then let the last case expire the just the facts one. Then just wait on the roof for the helicopter. This way you can get both in one play through with out having to do overtime mode. This only works if you save all the survivors, you can not let one die.
Posted by chaoslinks on 08 Sep 10 at 12:41
CTDMUDRUNNERSupid Bill right at the beginning somehow managed to get glitched when taking the elevator and lost him. After restarting for the 3rd time. Thats what i get for not saving
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 06 Dec 10 at 02:40
CTDMUDRUNNERWas a little nervous at the and. But saint wont pop till after credits roll
Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 08 Dec 10 at 02:07
PhantomEwanJust some additional infomation. I missed some survivors, had 48 then Jessie, and Brad became zombies and that dropped me to 46 when the helicopter arrived. I played through OT and "saved" Isabella and Frank. When the credits finished this achievement popped.
Posted by PhantomEwan on 17 Jan 11 at 20:09
Jayzilla636CarlottaMonroe's guide made me miss a call. Apparently it's because you stop at The Last Resort.
Posted by Jayzilla636 on 16 Feb 11 at 01:46
InugamiTheHoundsimple question. When you save Greg from Adam the clown. he takes you restroom. Where is the secret passageway? because if I have that it would save time to get those survivors to the safe house??
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 23 Mar 11 at 04:22
I TeMpLaR I UKThe secret passageway is up by the mirrors, you may have to stand on the sink to be able to press b. It links straight to the restrooms in paradise plaza so you can move between the two instaneously with surviviors, speeding things up and reducing the risk of losing a survivor.
Posted by I TeMpLaR I UK on 23 Mar 11 at 08:56
onechadtallDamn. Just spent all day doing this and somehow missed a call as well. Did not unlock Transmissionary.
Posted by onechadtall on 19 May 11 at 04:51
Phoenix C64right from the start things didn't go as the gamefaq guide said. i was getting scoops at different times and orders at the start.
the the retarded AI made me waste too much time, so in the end i missed the cases 4 and rest
but i kept following the guide and answering all scoops i got and in the end got saint and a few others on the way. but missed Transmissionary which will require another run (where i'll focus more on Otis calls and less on survivors)
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 10 Aug 11 at 22:11
I TeMpLaR I UKIt seems that if you follow the game faqs guide religiously, you end up missing a call - I shall investigate tonight and see if there is a workaround.
Posted by I TeMpLaR I UK on 11 Aug 11 at 07:58
Tony Starci let the two guys from the barricade mission (aaron and burt?) die in the beginning and saved everyone else. let the guy die in 6-1 and saved his replacement afterwards. I played up until case 7-3 (finished the bomb mission) and then waited on the heliport until noon. My total said 49 survivors saved in the game. I ended with 50 survivors, since Frank counted as one. This means that ending B allows you to miss 3 people (in my case, the two barricade guys and brad) - don't go any further than finishing 7-2 though or another character will die
Posted by Tony Starc on 10 Jan 12 at 18:26
Tony Starci would also like to mention that i got it on a fresh level 1 run, only resetting the story once at level 8. Ended the run at level 41 @ 7-3. Abused the mini chainsaw + 3 books asap. Whoever says you can't do it on your first run is lying.
Posted by Tony Starc on 10 Jan 12 at 18:28
Octobot Super"...i found it easier to deal with cliff after meeting kent, then picking up gordon, ronald, heather and pamela along the way back"

I'm having huge issues with Pamela. She consistently dies at 9:45 no matter where I am in the mall, completely botching my chances of getting through this segment with everyone surviving. She might have to be the one I let die because I'm starting to get pretty annoyed at this point

EDIT: Okay so I figured out a workaround. You just have to run over to her, throw a queen down, grab her hand, and haul ass back to the security room. You can come back for her twin way later after killing Cliff, getting the nearby survivors, meeting Kent, etc.
Posted by Octobot Super on 23 Jun at 20:32