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Earn enough multiplayer experience to reach level 15 (not Custom)

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02 Apr 2009
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Guardian is another good one. I think the ratio is around 90% of your points earned, and you can get a bunch of kills. Warzone and Execution are about 100%. Wingman is 110%. Good for more skilled players. Others sometimes get more points with the lower % gametypes where you can get everyone going to one target point to get kills easier (Submission, Annex, King of the HIll).
iiM SO N1NJAYeah, Guardian is .91%.

And if you ask me, it's the fastest/easiest method. Respawns allow you to get kills quick and (unlike the other respawn modes) you're able to keep a majority of your points. =]
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 03 Apr 09 at 03:22