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Lee R Wilson Memorial

Score 5 grenade sticks in any ranked free for all playlist (Online).

Lee R Wilson Memorial0
8 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Players Required - These achievements require a minimum number of participating players to attempt.4 Players Required - These achievements require a minimum number of participating players to attempt.
03 Apr 2009
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A really easy way to get this achievement is to play on guardian and camp in the yellow room with the lift. People will come up the lift and just stick them as they come up. Another way is if you are lucky enough to get swords on guardian play that. Grab some stickies and just wait for an enemy, have them come close and do a suicide run by sticking them instead of using your sword. Though this may take a few tries so don't be discouraged if you don't get it on your first go. Good Luck
CurtiesonNew to the game...Do they have to be in the same life? Same Game? Cumulative?
Posted by Curtieson on 08 Jun 10 at 12:38
Wraith3506They all have to be in the same game.
Posted by Wraith3506 on 08 Jun 10 at 14:25
Math ChampionActually, the achivement says in a free for all PLAYLIST, so isn't this like the 5 melees achivement? That one didnt have to be 5 in the same game, rather it was just 5 in the same playlist
Posted by Math Champion on 25 Nov 10 at 23:37
CordoverPretty certain it needs to be in the same round
Posted by Cordover on 28 Jun 12 at 05:36