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iiM SO N1NJAiiM SO N1NJA110,636
05 Apr 2009 11 Jul 2012
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***Servers for this game were closed down April 13th, 2012 but have been temporarily reinstated. It is unclear how long this will last so quickly finish the online achievements like this one now while you have another chance!***

Original solution - To get this achievement as fast as possible, follow these steps:

1. Create a 1 or 2 second clip (the shorter it is, the less time it takes to download) and share it.

2. Make a fake Silver or Gold account and add it to your real account's friends list.

3. Sign in to your fake account and view your friend's clips.

4. When the clip is finished downloading but before it actually starts playing, go to the Xbox guide and sign out. You should now be booted back to the Burnout starting screen.

5. Simply sign back in with your second account and repeat until your real account's clip is in the top 20.

6. After you're there, sign in with your real account and go to the top 20 clips. *You should now unlock your achievement!

And remember, the leaderboards for the top 20 reset every month on the 25th. If you're going to try and get this achievement, you'll save a lot of time doing it right after they reset.
Elem3ntal80Nice solution! I did it on the 26th of this month and only needed 5 downloads to get in the top 20.
Posted by Elem3ntal80 on 27 Jul 09 at 00:16
cwing302worked like a charm! did this on the 25th and had to download once to get in top 20. awesome, thank you so much
Posted by cwing302 on 27 Aug 09 at 04:36
pyr0lyZerConfirming this still works...did it today (29th) and only had to do 8 downloads to make it to #8 on the top 20!! Thx
Posted by pyr0lyZer on 30 Oct 09 at 01:34
SuperTaco83yeah.. works like charm. I like! :>
Need 5 Downloads for top 20. at the 28.
Posted by SuperTaco83 on 28 Jan 10 at 00:20
StonedkillPhishWorked Great!!!!!!!!!!!! Need 5 downloads for top 20 on the 30th thanks
Posted by StonedkillPhish on 01 Jul 10 at 08:56
DaShAgNeeded 1 download on the 26th so it still works. Do note that the leaderboards reset on the 26th but perhaps that's due to my time zone, which is Central European Time ( GMT +1 )
Posted by DaShAg on 26 Oct 10 at 07:19
tajbenderConfirmed, is still working. Thanks!
Posted by tajbender on 27 Nov 10 at 14:43
iiM SO N1NJA^^Any word as to why or if they're going to be reset in the near future?
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 14 Jan 11 at 07:41
wheatrichit's reset every month...
Posted by wheatrich on 26 Jan 11 at 22:02
snorlax789Reset tonight and got it with just one download.
Posted by snorlax789 on 26 Feb 11 at 00:14
Leroy I1981IPerfect, got this achievement last night with 6 downloads. When i got the game i figured i'd never get this one.... big thumbs up!!
Posted by Leroy I1981I on 28 Feb 11 at 09:06
Fox1278Yep still works on March 4th 11'
Posted by Fox1278 on 04 Mar 11 at 16:27
Tasty PastryWorked like a charm, thank you very much for the solution, thumbs up
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 04 Mar 11 at 21:49
DimmockWorks as of April 28th 2011
Posted by Dimmock on 29 Apr 11 at 18:25
KillerGreenBud3Just Confirmed May 29 2011, 8 DL's to put me in the top 5 ^_^ Big Thumbs UP!!!
Posted by KillerGreenBud3 on 29 May 11 at 20:34
LearFoolNice solution. One tip that you can add is it doesn't matter if you view the clip when downloading with the second account. I got distracted nearing my last download and it played the clip but it kept incrementing the counter for the subsequent ones. It just saves time if you don't view the clip.
Posted by LearFool on 13 Jun 11 at 18:36
XexyzStill working in September 2011 - requiring 4 views for the top 20.
Posted by Xexyz on 28 Sep 11 at 13:34
RipzonerThanks for the tip. Worked like a charm.
Confirmed just got my clip in the top 20 clips and today is the 26th.
Posted by Ripzoner on 26 Oct 11 at 04:36
bkz41still works: 01/23/12
Posted by bkz41 on 23 Jan 12 at 10:09
TickTockRobI can confirm this works 26/01/12 - just 2 downloads needed.
Posted by TickTockRob on 26 Jan 12 at 23:41
InundatedDadGonna be a rush for this one now with the servers going offline next month.
Posted by InundatedDad on 15 Mar 12 at 00:13
troyoyView friends clip dont save it. After it is 100% downloaded and is loading eject the disc and reinsert or dash board. I got a friend loggin off and on 25 times in a row and its not needed. Dont watch the clip either, it may screw up this little glitch. Big thumbs up.
Posted by troyoy on 15 Mar 12 at 00:58
troyoyEject the disc before it starts playing. As of March 15th you are gonna need 25 views to get in the bottom of the top 20. Once you are in the top 20 go and view the top 20 for the cheev to pop. Clip must download 100% for it to count. I just tried twice ejecting early.
Posted by troyoy on 15 Mar 12 at 01:12
ADaughenCurrently at 26 views to get into the top 20.

Guide works like a charm. Thanks!
Posted by ADaughen on 15 Mar 12 at 04:27
finallife6Worked for me last night got it on the 20 spot on the dot thanks for the solution!
Posted by finallife6 on 15 Mar 12 at 13:40
KameraAwesome! It worked! People, please un-share your clip when you get and help others out!
Posted by Kamera on 16 Mar 12 at 00:45
Mr Sax AppealWhew, I was scared so many people would be going for this now that it would be really difficult to get, but it wasn't. 27 views then achievement unlocked! (followed by un-sharing the clip)
Posted by Mr Sax Appeal on 16 Mar 12 at 01:18
TsubakiCalamityI have used your guide and it works like a charm! Thanks a lot! Thumbs up.
Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 17 Mar 12 at 11:45
Streak Leader#20 is currently at 32 views...
Posted by Streak Leader on 17 Mar 12 at 16:16
CheneyHeadshot34 now. I made 100 sure and did 35.
Posted by CheneyHeadshot on 17 Mar 12 at 23:19
Darth TromGreat solution! Got it in course of 1 hour. 35 is drop off point.
Posted by Darth Trom on 18 Mar 12 at 01:00
SuperSaiyanX8739 now lol think ill wait till the 25th or 26th!
Posted by SuperSaiyanX87 on 19 Mar 12 at 08:36
SuperSaiyanX8739 now lol think ill wait till the 25th or 26th! Lol screw it im gonna grind this out =p
Posted by SuperSaiyanX87 on 19 Mar 12 at 08:49
Brucey B CoolPerfect guide! Cheers for that. I did 40 just to be safe....
Posted by Brucey B Cool on 19 Mar 12 at 11:59
The Globalizer47 now, unshare your clips, people...
Posted by The Globalizer on 22 Mar 12 at 03:40
liiamiGreat guide thanks.
It's at 50 now as of 23rd March 2012 6:30pm GMT
Posted by liiami on 23 Mar 12 at 18:31
Posted by MASTERCHEATZ930 on 26 Mar 12 at 00:20
imaidiot19Just an fyi that the counts are reset. I got it with 2 downloads.
Posted by imaidiot19 on 26 Mar 12 at 02:29
o0ArA0oJust to add, please DELETE your videos after getting the achievement, cause this will make the process for other people easier until the servers go down!
Posted by o0ArA0o on 26 Mar 12 at 02:57
matsam88It's at 7 now, I just did it. I also deleted my video after I got the achievement.
Posted by matsam88 on 27 Mar 12 at 03:22
MAOraNzaSame here, it was at 9. Got it at 10 and the removed the clip.
Posted by MAOraNza on 28 Mar 12 at 09:54
MAOraNzaBy the way, leaderboards were resetted yesterday. I think it could be the last reset till the shutdown of servers.
Posted by MAOraNza on 28 Mar 12 at 09:55
FlutteryChickenThanks, it's currently at 11
Posted by FlutteryChicken on 28 Mar 12 at 22:46
ScenemorriSsomeone please start downloading mine and ill return the favor
Posted by ScenemorriS on 03 Apr 12 at 02:55
Polished Turd69worked like a charm at 38 :D big thumbs up
Posted by Polished Turd69 on 10 Apr 12 at 11:52
MickeyTI'm glad EVERYONE got there achievement, but all the people over the last two weeks that have got into the top 20. Are not UNSHARING there clip so the downloads get higher, meaning it's harder for everyone else, and alot of the top 20 are people from TA, but there not UNSHARING, but hey you got your achievement so that's all that matters right?!?!?!?

PS. I have the achievement but it's getting harder to help others that need it!!

If your one of the people that have not Unshared please do that now, thanks
Posted by MickeyT on 10 Apr 12 at 21:46
ACEs 8s 24still works 7/4/2012, needed 9 downloads
Posted by ACEs 8s 24 on 04 Jul 12 at 18:26
iiM SO N1NJA^hm thanks for the info. after looking around for a bit, it looks like the servers have been put back up for some reason. i'll update the solution to reflect this.
Posted by iiM SO N1NJA on 11 Jul 12 at 18:49
NathObeaNI don't think this achievement is working properly atm. I have mine in the top 20 and I have even viewed it but still no achievement :(
Posted by NathObeaN on 16 Jul 12 at 15:28
DAN5KI97Just to confirm this achievement is currently working at 27/08/12 . With no problem getting it i only downloaded it twice .
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 27 Aug 12 at 15:57
ThomsenWillii got it today with your great solution. thank you very much. best way to do this. i downloaded it 9 times at 02/09/12
Posted by ThomsenWilli on 02 Sep 12 at 17:39
karterfoneWorked like a charm! +1
Posted by karterfone on 03 Nov 12 at 07:03
CONKER1182Great solution still works as of 12/18/2012.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 19 Dec 12 at 01:24
OMGWTH00111111Still works as of 02/06/2013. +1
Posted by OMGWTH00111111 on 02 Jun 13 at 16:08
Solidus Snake19Still works as of 7-1-13. +1
Posted by Solidus Snake19 on 01 Jul 13 at 22:40
fiodorPLStill works as of 04/07/2013 +1 smile
Posted by fiodorPL on 04 Jul 13 at 15:49
redsx16Still works and only had to do 9 downloads
Posted by redsx16 on 08 Feb 14 at 19:03
TowerBUSTERYep still works only 9 downloads took about 30 minutes ch33rs guys
Posted by TowerBUSTER on 25 Apr 16 at 15:59
InfinityOnH1ghServers are not working
Posted by InfinityOnH1gh on 22 Jul 16 at 14:12
oGARY86Still works. Only took 1 download smile
Posted by oGARY86 on 26 Jul 16 at 04:59
keoskeyGet it after 3 downloads
Posted by keoskey on 08 Oct 17 at 05:30
SpeedBumpVDropATTENTION: Servers have shut down officially on October 24th, 2017. Cheevo no longer obtainable.
Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 16 Jan 20 at 21:33