CSI: Hard Evidence Review by knight0fkh0nshu

06 Apr 2009
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C.S.I. Hard Evidence is a video game based off the hit t.v. series C.S.I. This game supports the entire main cast and is one of the few “detective” like games that we have on the X-box 360. It is developed by Telltale Games and published by Ubisoft.


The gameplay is basic and straight to the point. You go to a scene, you find clues and you use the proper tools to collect each item. The tools range from spray that helps you to identify blood, tweezers and gloves which you pick up items with. Main problem with this is that there’s not a big variety and if feels like the same thing over and over during each case. A little more variety would’ve been nice. Another complaint is the movement around the crime scene. It can be a hassle and a times a sheer pain in the next to try to get to a certain spot. Maybe they could’ve made a “ghost Cam” –like movement to let you freely move about the crime scene. It would’ve made it much easier to find the stuff you need to find instead of fixed locations.
RATING: 4/10


The cast are well represented in their graphical form. Yes, it could’ve been a bit better, but they look fairly decent, especially considering this was an early release for the x-box 360. The environments are nicely detailed, but at times it’s difficult to locate certain pieces of evidence because of glitches or it’s just to plain dark to see. Last, they could’ve done a lot more with the facial expressions and lip syncing.
RATING: 5/10


It’s nice to see that the cast members were good enough to lend their voices to this game, it makes it seem more lifelike and a great addition to make you feel like you’re in the show instead of playing a game. The main problem is the voice syncing with the characters words. It felt like they were off sync all the time and the words never matched their lip movement.
RATING: 4/10

Achievement Difficulty

Achievement difficulty or lack thereof…pretty much simple. This game is completely easy and it should require no skills at all to get these achievements. All 5 are story-based and you earn them by completing each of the 5 crimes.
RATING: 2/10

Final Thoughts

Even though the game supports most of the main characters from the tv show, I still do not recommend you to buy this game. Unless you find it a bargain price of $5 or more. Even true die-hard fans…I’m not sure if you would find this game to your liking. Especially considering the lack of variety in locations, the poor lip syncing, and the horrible character movement around the crime scene. Most people play this game for the easy achievements, as did I. This may be a decent rent if you want to get a few quick gamer points, but it’s nothing I’d be proud of to have in my gaming collection.

KZOIDBERG89ok when you rate a game do so on a scare from one to ten, the reader can easily gauge a games value not on a scale from 1 to 40 please and thank you
Posted by KZOIDBERG89 on 13 Apr 09 at 12:44
knight0fkh0nshuIt is on a scale of 1 - 10. I don't do it on a score of 1 - 40. The scores are added up and then divided by the total amount of categories (which in this case is 4). So it adds up to 15 divided by 4...which is 3.75. Hope this helps explain how I rate it. The end result as you can see above is "Final Rating: 3.75/10". Thanks for your comment, sorry if I've confused you.
Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 14 Apr 09 at 01:30