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Survive any challenge mode for 20 minutes.

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InFeRnUs F1InFeRnUs F1417,886
06 Apr 2009
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another way to do this is to conect the other controller and step in the car of the left side let them kill the second controller and when he lose his final life get inside the car if you did that correctly the car never shoot to you again

just wait to the avhievement pops up
Failure OnlineThe player getting the achievement can get in the car on the very left right away. The second player doesn't move so they keep falling on to the road and dying, but while getting shot at. Your method works, you just have it worded kind of weird.
Posted by Failure Online on 12 May 09 at 20:21
Celt PLI got problems with those achievs ( survivalist and perfect fight ) , some ppls said that it's possible to login od 1st controller with other profile, my on 2nd, then when boss is nearly dead just hop to game and kill him with my profile for Perfect Fight, i think this glitch is fixed because i tried this maaany times and never got it this way:/ same thing with Survivalist on urban challenge, 1st profile dies a lot and 2nd that wants the achievements should be in a car and when 1st have no lives left then FBI car shouldn't shoot, but they shoot me all the time :p any ideas? ( sorry for my english if i made any mistakes :P )
Posted by Celt PL on 29 May 09 at 15:44
InFeRnUs F1no its good i cant get the perfect fighy cause it was fixed but the survivalist works the trick is to enter the car at the same time that the second profile loose his final life
Posted by InFeRnUs F1 on 03 Jun 09 at 09:41
thx so much now i got the 50 bite one and survivalist left which are super hard , the 31 hat one im just gonna take my time with
Posted on 18 Jan 10 at 18:41
the naystergreat solution worked like a dream first time thanks so much saved alot of time
Posted by the nayster on 27 Apr 10 at 00:47
TThanks a lot for this. Stiil working :)
Posted by T#4239 on 31 Oct 10 at 04:55
AmAnDa BrYaNtas of today it still works
Posted by AmAnDa BrYaNt on 27 Nov 10 at 00:56
MatyBeastAs of today still works. I would start the game with your second controller/account and then join the game with the account you want to get the achievement with. Worked like a charm.
Posted by MatyBeast on 02 Feb 11 at 16:26
Conor x420aim not gonna say still working because it always will be but yeah easy 25g cheers for the tip
Posted by Conor x420a on 08 Dec 11 at 12:52
QuickMythrilthis took me some time to get right. i think it has to do with the timing of the black car's shots and its movement. i kept trying to get into the first car right away with player 1 (the one to get the achievement), but my car always got destroyed, so i would hop to the next car and that would get destroyed also. i tried various things, like starting with the first player, starting with the second player, waiting to get into the car, getting into the 2nd car before the 1st car, etc. finally i ended up getting into the second car after the second player died and the first car was already gone and luckily the black car wasn't shooting me at all as he went back and forth. i really think it just had something to do with the timing of when the car was trying to shoot the two players, so there may just be some luck involved here. my suggestion is to just keep trying until you are safe in a car. the guys on top will never shoot you in a car, so if the black car isn't shooting you, then you know you are safe and can just leave it run for 20 min.
Posted by QuickMythril on 08 Apr 13 at 17:26
count023Still works as of today.
Posted by count023 on 13 Jan 19 at 12:13
fighterx93chippStill works!! I started with my second controller and joined with my first. Get in the far left car when your second controller has 0 lives and kill him immediately
Posted by fighterx93chipp on 07 Aug 19 at 01:14