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17 Sep 2008 20 Feb 2018
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Every animal has to be sent to a party [fill it's candy meter, pack it in the box just outside your garden] (note, it does NOT have to be part of a challenge). This includes the Dragon and Dino. You can see the records that you have completed under your journal (Top Left I believe). It will also show the animals you have seen (as text) and the ones you have sent (as pictures). Finish up any that don't have a picture, and make sure you have 1 each of the following:

* Arocknid

* Badgesicle
* Barkbark
* Bispotti
* Blue Flutterscotch
* Brown Flutterscotch
* Black Flutterscotch
* Bonboon
* Bunnycomb
* Buzzenge
* Buzzlegum

* Camello
* Candary
* Cherrapin
* Chewnicorn
* Chippopotamus
* Chocodoculus
* Chocstrich
* Cinnamonkey
* Cluckles
* Cocoadile
* Crowla
* Custacean

* Doenut
* Dragonache (just obtain, don't need to send it to a party)
* Dragumfly

* Eaglair
* Elephanilla

* Fizzlybear
* Flapyak
* Fourheads
* Fudgehog

* Galagoogoo
* Geckie
* Goobaa
* Green Flutterscotch

* Hoghurt
* Hootyfruity
* Horstachio

* Jameleon
* Jeli
* Juicygoose

* Kittyfloss

* Lackatoad
* Lemmoning
* Lickatoad
* Limeoceros

* Macaraccoon
* Mallowolf
* Moojoo
* Moozipan
* Mothdrop
* Mousemallow

* Newtgat

* Orange Flutterscotch

* Parmadillo
* Parrybo
* Peckanmix
* Pengum
* Pieena
* Pigxie
* Pink Flutterscotch
* Polollybear
* Ponocky
* Pretztail
* Profitamole
* Pudgeon
* Purple Flutterscotch

* Quackberry

* Raisant
* Rashberry
* Red Flutterscotch
* Reddhott
* Roario
* Robean

* S'morepion
* Salamango
* Sarsgorilla
* Shellybean
* Sherbat
* Smelba
* Sparrowmint
* Squazzil
* Swanana
* Sweetle
* Sweetooth
* Syrupent

* Taffly
* Tartridge
* Tigermisu
* Twingersnap

* Vulchurro

* Walrusk
* Whirlm
* White Flutterscotch

* Yellow Flutterscotch

* Zumbug
Rocker Jdyou missed out the red flutterscotch
Posted by Rocker Jd on 22 Apr 09 at 22:53
DragonYenFixed, Thanks.
Posted by DragonYen on 23 Apr 09 at 13:39
phatal1tyyou missed all the sours too
Posted by phatal1ty on 27 Nov 09 at 07:44
DragonYenYou can't send a sour to a party... if there are records for them, they must auto-unlock when they show up in the garden.
Posted by DragonYen on 30 Nov 09 at 18:37
jphil03I'm just wondering if i join someones game, and then send off a chocodoculus, do i get the achievement and the dinokeeper achievement?
Posted by jphil03 on 12 May 10 at 15:13
DragonYenI can't remember how this part of the multiplayer component works. I think everyone got credit for anything that is done while in a group. So if you are in someone's game who sends off the dino, you should get credit for the record. I don't think you'd pickup Dinokeeper from this -- but it wouldn't hurt to try.
Posted by DragonYen on 12 May 10 at 15:18
Cosmic KatamariHey man, great guide but you misspelled Choclodocus
Posted by Cosmic Katamari on 15 May 10 at 21:13
DragonYenFixed, thanks
Posted by DragonYen on 15 May 10 at 21:15
Leo AscendentNice guide, I believe all of the pinatas, except dragonache, chocodoculus (it whatever) and brown flutterscotch are sent to parties. The flutterscotch was the only one I missed.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 28 Aug 10 at 01:48
albajosI got the achievement without sending Dragonache to a party. Maybe a glitch, but it happened.
Posted by albajos on 12 Feb 11 at 06:00
Tank Force UKomg thank you sooo much dude i was missing the stupid pink flutterscotch -_-
Posted by Tank Force UK on 28 Jun 11 at 16:47
DragonYenGlad it helped :)
Posted by DragonYen on 28 Jun 11 at 18:09
LV 1 Blue SlimeThanks for the list. Might be worth noting you don't have to bother with maturing the Dragonache. You can just feed it a joy candy and send it straight off to a party for credit. I didn't encounter the glitch albajos did, I had to send him off to get the achievement, he was my last one.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 21 Feb 12 at 15:26
J PinderThank you for the list! I had missed Yellow Flutterscotch.
Posted by J Pinder on 29 Nov 14 at 20:30
The GlobalizerI also had to get the Dragonache to pop the achievement.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Jan 17 at 06:00
Moldy Tacos5000Need dragonache for the achievement, but you don't have to mature it, baby works fine.
Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 19 Feb 18 at 05:43
DragonYenI've updated the list to mention you need the Dragon, but don't need to send it to a party. That's probably where the confusion for people came in originally. Knowing they didn't send it to a party.
Posted by DragonYen on 20 Feb 18 at 00:54