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Knock down all of the supporting cast in Ben Hurdle

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09 Apr 2009
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There are a total of 71 of the characters that you need to knock down. Just take a very slow lap around the course and knock over each one individually making sure you see the +3. One some people seem to miss is on top of the loop, you have to jump to it in the vehicle.
zyxomma100If you get a little bit of speed, it's pretty easy to just drive up the outside of the loop, too.
Posted by zyxomma100 on 10 Apr 09 at 00:01
Shemp HowardWhat is this loop you are talking about? Is this the wooden ring circle you have to drive on?
Posted by Shemp Howard on 09 Jul 10 at 20:12
mado260just create a verchial with sticky out bricks and that should get you the acheviment
Posted by mado260 on 30 Nov 10 at 18:20
drabikYou should mention that the achievement unlocks during the race. You can keep driving around hitting every character until the achievement pops.
Posted by drabik on 21 Mar 11 at 14:35
Der RoiWhat drabik said. Otherwise, you don't know if it pops during or after the race, and if you miss one and finish you have to do them all again.
Posted by Der Roi on 11 Aug 12 at 16:38