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Earn a Platinum medal using manual transmission.

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10 Apr 2009
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This achievement is glitched in a good way.

You need to win a Speed challenge on Platinum with Automatic transmission. After that switch to Manual transmission (in the main menu, select More - Options - General) and beat the Speed challenge again on Steel. The achievement will unlock after the event.
Positive for you Dennis. Great tip.
Posted on 16 May 10 at 03:11
mallen2010As above, great tip. thanks
Posted by mallen2010 on 12 Sep 10 at 21:57
RunningFreak204Just got this achievement with your tip! Much appreciated! If only the online servers were back on :(...thanks again! -RF204
Posted by RunningFreak204 on 24 Dec 10 at 19:42
SPIRITWRAITHHave to say this worked great, the last time I played this in 2010 I must have tried multiple speed challenges for about an hour with no luck. Wish I had read your guide sooner. I used the Ferrari F50 GT on Whitehall Walk Style Cup, the very first speed challenge.
Posted by SPIRITWRAITH on 27 Jan 11 at 06:44
CONKER1182Very easy with the Ferrari F50 GT. Thanks SPIRITWRAITH
Posted by CONKER1182 on 20 Mar 11 at 02:54
CONKER1182If your looking to get this achievement legitly not glitching it it's also very easy to get a platinum on the Whitehall walk style cup speed challenge when driving the Ferrari F50 GT. It takes a little bit of skill but not much to get this achievement legitly in this cup.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 20 Mar 11 at 03:08
CallSign IceManThank-you ... It worked perfectly & I'm not a good driver period.
Posted by CallSign IceMan on 01 May 11 at 03:58
Cky616craig1Thank you, awesome find
Posted by Cky616craig1 on 27 May 11 at 19:00
Worked wonderfully, thanks for the tip. Probably wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise.
Posted on 18 Jun 11 at 05:19
ConEwa xThank you i got it And im a terrible driver :)
Posotive 4 u :)
Posted by ConEwa x on 01 Aug 11 at 16:49
x Morgan Kane xExcellent. Thank you!
Posted by x Morgan Kane x on 04 Aug 11 at 10:09
FafhrddWorked for me the first time! I used the Enzo on the first speed challenge (Whitehall Walk Style Cup). Great solution!
Posted by Fafhrdd on 30 Nov 11 at 20:19
Ripley95Yay! Still woks! :D I also used the same method Fafhrdd used ^ Enzo on whitehall Walk Style Cup speed challenge
Posted by Ripley95 on 11 Jan 12 at 22:59
KrameRtimeGreat tip!
Posted by KrameRtime on 27 Feb 12 at 01:18
Z0MBIESINCWorked like a charm, thank you!
Posted by Z0MBIESINC on 17 Mar 12 at 11:44
Posted by SiouxWarrior9 on 12 Jul 12 at 16:22
pezza888Great guide thanks!
Posted by pezza888 on 04 Aug 12 at 23:18
Homunculus Furyworked first try!
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 17 Oct 12 at 19:31
DAN5KI97It's so easy i didn't even need to do the glitch to get it
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 02 Dec 12 at 15:29
Zer0runnerThe world Tyreburn Tournament has a LONG straight a way before the speed camera on the #6 challenge. It's the Foley Square Loop.
Posted by Zer0runner on 03 Sep 14 at 22:06
ReaboWorked great! ty!
Posted by Reabo on 03 Oct 15 at 16:41
ajgoesUNLUCKYGlitch Still works in 2018

I personally used the RUF RGT, on the World Tyreburn Tournament, on the #6 speed challenge

If you’re having difficulty, drive up to where the hard right turn is, and position yourself so you can take the corner without having to break. May take a couple tries, but for 60GS you can’t complain with the time.
Posted by ajgoesUNLUCKY on 05 Jul 18 at 04:18
CashinStill works in 2019!
Posted by Cashin on 09 Feb 19 at 19:14
DadmixI was wondering what was going on I had done platinum with automatic on several races so I went back and did them on steel and nadaa. tried it 3 times I knew it must work with all the positives turns out I had to do it back to back and that worked.

BTW "Worked for me the first time! I used the Enzo on the first speed challenge (Whitehall Walk Style Cup). Great solution!
Posted by Fafhrdd on 30 Nov 11 at 20:19"

Nice choice this was fast and easy
Posted by Dadmix on 24 Mar 19 at 03:41
Dadmixoh yeah for anyone wondering what steel is its the novice difficulty and platinum is hardcore.
Posted by Dadmix on 24 Mar 19 at 03:44
Cky616craig1Wow, rude.

I wouldnt explain it anymore then you already have.
Excuse my language but fuck them.
Posted by Cky616craig1 on 17 May 20 at 21:36
TheTraderGuyThis solution fit me just now like the pants of a man with five penises - like a glove. +1.
Posted by TheTraderGuy on 24 Jul 20 at 00:17
Cky616craig1So the bitch above this comment (Ar0nP1aYz05) decides to PM me crying and blocks me so I can't reply. What a pussy
Posted by Cky616craig1 on 25 Jul 20 at 08:41
I now know how to get this achievement, it’s not complicated at all actually, what a hypocrite, calling me rude then calling me names right afterwards just proved my point why I blocked you.
Posted on 22 Sep 20 at 07:50
CastMango150644Which car and challenge exactly did you use to win this achievement?
Posted by CastMango150644 on 16 Jun at 18:38