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Bling, Bling

Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings

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Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley422,274
11 Apr 2009 29 Oct 2009
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I think I've found the quickest, easiest way to get this Achievement. Having just unlocked it myself, I can say that I managed to get 500k in a week with this set.

Right, so you want to be playing Expert Bass on your profile, and have a second profile/player on Beginner Vocals at all times.

Play the following;

Dammit - $1,235 - 2:41
The Kill - $1,380 - 4:11
The Middle - $1,195 - 2:50
Rebel Yell - $1,860 - 4:47
Scream Aim Fire - $1,610 - 4:27
Stillborn - $1,105 - 3:11

So that's roughly 21 minutes, and around $8000.

This adds up really quickly.

Another way is to just play Dammit over and over again as it's really short and gives you over $1000 a time.

It will get very boring though, but like I said I got half of the money in a week, playing for about 5-8 hours a day.

Good luck people and have fun, even though playing this set for the next 50 hours will get very boring. =P

It may be wise to put in some of your favourite songs (Unless these are your favourites, in which case, you're set!) from time to time so the setlist isn't as boring.
P4ul8great guide. all I need to do now is find a way of making it less repetitive
Posted by P4ul8 on 04 Jun 09 at 10:48
Crimson RidleyThere really is no way to prevent that but you could occasionly play songs you enjoy, or do what I did with Dammit, learn the rhythm to the song and then play it without sound, whilst listening to your own music.

Was way less boring then. :)
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 08 Jun 09 at 09:53
McCrackenatorwow, you have no life if you played that much for a week for 30G
Posted by McCrackenator on 21 Jun 09 at 03:41
Crimson RidleyYes I have no life. Thank you very much for telling me what I already know. But remember that I did not get the achievement for the meaningless point value, but I got it to finish off the game, as 100% is a hell of a lot more satisfying than 30g.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 21 Jun 09 at 13:45
youhas ahoyAgreed that "Dammit" bassline (plus beginner vocalist) over and over and OVER is the fastest cash-garnering tool going. If you're an FC machine, even with loading times, it comes to right around $20K an hour. Plug away at that for as long as you can and you rack up the cash in a hurry. (The rest of the time, while you're resting your strumming arm, feel free have a box fan "singing" No Sleep Till Brooklyn on Expert once every five-and-change minutes, at a clip of about $8,300/hour. I did it by coordinating my button-presses with an egg timer while watching TV!) In maybe two or three weeks of leisurely nights-and-weekends level grinding, I made my way from $300K all the way to the $1M mark. This guide helped! [thumbs up]
Posted by youhas ahoy on 22 Jun 09 at 03:00
Pedle ZelnipAre the dollar values in the guide for FC'ing each of those songs? I didn't get totals anywhere near that high for some of them.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 22 Jul 09 at 06:12
Zacry072Pretty much.
Posted by Zacry072 on 11 Sep 09 at 15:19
Crimson RidleyThe $ totals are for an FC on Expert Bass.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 11 Sep 09 at 17:06
Price de Nicemccrackenator = douche.

youhass is hilarious.

good job 100% this game man.
Posted by Price de Nice on 08 Oct 09 at 01:08
Crimson RidleyAhh thank you NillaWafer774, I never did get around to adding the values in. Much apreciated. :)
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 29 Oct 09 at 22:04
NillaWafer774Hey I might as well tell you the money values since I'm using your fantastic yet boring method.

Dammit = $1,210
The Kill = $1,380
The Middle = %1,195
Rebel Yell = $1,860
Scream Aim Fire = $1,610
Stillborn = $1,105
Total = $8,360

NOTE: These values are obtained from Expert Bass and Beginner Vocals. These songs were FC'd with NO overstrums. There are no other money bonuses except Star Power Unused for $10. Hope this helps.
Posted by NillaWafer774 on 29 Oct 09 at 22:05
NillaWafer774No problem, sorry about the delete and re-post. I had to add in a few tweaks.
Posted by NillaWafer774 on 29 Oct 09 at 22:10
Crimson RidleyThat's fine, I got a few emails for it though. =P How much money do you have so far anyway? Hope my method is proving useful. :)
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 29 Oct 09 at 22:13
NillaWafer774I've just started recently from finally finishing 5 careers which led me at about $250k. Right now I'm about $300k. I find the gig method much better because playing Dammit over and over again is really boring.
Posted by NillaWafer774 on 29 Oct 09 at 22:15
daktrI won't play Dammit around 800 times. Not for 30G. In that time I can play through 5 other games and get around 3000 G
Posted by daktr on 03 Dec 09 at 12:29
Crimson RidleyThat's understandable, it's just that if you play to complete every game you own, you need to play a shed load of songs to get this achievement. It's a hard life...
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 03 Dec 09 at 12:31
Maelstorm95you should add to your post that getting the jack of all trades achievements helps with this 4 play throughs also getting the band career achievement helps 1 vocals and 1 guitar im tryin still to beat guitar on expert ive all ready played through every song on hard so i have to go over it again i only have around 60k but ill worry about the money when ive beat all careers great guide
Posted by Maelstorm95 on 18 Apr 10 at 19:16
Auston53Or play the game
Posted by Auston53 on 23 May 10 at 20:35
Crimson RidleyWhich happens anyway, as you have to load it up to get the achievement.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 23 May 10 at 20:37
ASic777I'm leaving this here because it's the #1 guide, and people need to know:
The achievement actually pops at $1,001,000 (rank 52).

I had over $1,000,000 and no achievement, but luckily just one more song put me over $1,001,000, and netted me the achievement.
Posted by ASic777 on 08 Jun 10 at 06:50
Crimson RidleyYeah, the game doesn't give you the achievement the first time you pass $1 million. For some reason, it'll only register AFTER $1 million, so 1 more song will unlock the achievement. I was so annoyed when I first did it and nothing happened.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 08 Jun 10 at 10:40
Uncle ManwichFC songs on drums is alot quicker since there are more notes to streak with and make bigger scores. I would average around 1 200$ to 2 500$ everysong. The only problem is being good enough.
Posted by Uncle Manwich on 20 Aug 10 at 15:36
If you can FC it (On X guitar), One Armed Scissor is a pretty good one. 4:20 song yields $1520 (with beginner vocals). It's not a hard song either, mostly 2 and 3 note chords
Posted on 18 Nov 10 at 00:40
Also with my prior statement, an X bass FC scores $1420. Still pretty good, IMO.
Posted on 18 Nov 10 at 00:49
xs Silence sxIf anyone happens to have a local friend who has the achievement, I found a supposed glitch that might work:
"Awhile ago i was playing local with my friend that has $1,000,000 and we found the bling bling glitch. This glitch is really easy. All you have to do is get a friend with the $1,000,000 and play with them locally, but they do how ever need to be band leader."
Posted by xs Silence sx on 14 Feb 11 at 07:53
youhas ahoyI can verify that the "play with a local Bling Bling owner to get the achievement" absolutely works. Your friend Steve has a band that's earned $1,000,000; you play a song locally with Steve as part of his $1,000,000 band; at the end of the song, the game figures that you were part of a band that earned $1,000,000 so the achievement pops for you, too. I earned the Bling, Bling achievement legitimately through endless hours of grinding, but I was able to "gift" the achievement to a couple of local friends through the above method to save them the tedium.
Posted by youhas ahoy on 14 Feb 11 at 08:13
Th3Freak55I don't have time for this crap!!!!!
Posted by Th3Freak55 on 20 May 11 at 03:52
Crimson RidleyYep, the glitch has been proven to work, and I hate it. It's making the ratio of this achievement go down, just because some loser gets his friend to gift it to him. Do it legit and feel a lot better about it. You can't be proud of an achievement you didn't earn.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 20 May 11 at 08:30
MadMaxx42This solution is fine if you can FC every single song, every single time. Miss just one note, though, and you get only $300-$400.
Letting a fan 'sing' NTSB on solo expert vox is a guaranteed $760 every time, and you can watch TV or do something interesting without having to keep playing/listening to the same song(s) over and over again.
Whatever works for you.
Posted by MadMaxx42 on 01 Jul 11 at 14:34
Crimson RidleyThat's true, but these are the easiest songs to FC on Bass. Even on Expert, it takes no real skill or effort to do, hence why I chose these particular songs; Difficulty and money.

NSTB really isn't practical. I don't understand the love for that solution; it takes far longer to do, even if you aren't playing. I'd rather play and cut the time down by about 20 hours, than leave it on and have to find something to do throughout that whole time.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 01 Jul 11 at 16:27
Zoda iZ CruelHave to say that "The Middle" wasn't possible for me, because the game is laggy on my new tv.. (even through calibrating it), but songs i still played were (from A - Z , all bass)

1. About a girl
2. Dammit
4.The Kill
5. Lazy Eye
6. Rebel Yell
7.Re-education through labor
9.Scream Aim Fire
10. Stillborn
11.Toy Boy
13.What I've done
14.Nothing all the time (free dlc)
15.the touch (free dlc)

its not so boring like playing dammit over and over and over again.
unfortunality my guitar broke so i use the vocals method.
hope this helps ppl which rather play then hanging around.
Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel on 15 May 12 at 18:24
NearDLawlietI never knew about these methods. Callum, I can see where you're going with the FC Expert Bass stuff, but I'll probably end up using the NSTB way more. I find the songs way too easy now on guitars (I don't have space for the drums) unless I'm playing against someone good online, and I've been at LV25 seemingly forever. Is there a rubber band method for the NSTB vocals? I'd love to be able to do something without having to tend to the game.

Also, I need the Band vs Band achievement but there's never anyone online anymore. If anyone can coordinate one, please send me a message! :)
Posted by NearDLawliet on 13 Sep 12 at 05:52
platinumpwnzorOK, so I figured out a strange quirk that was causing my FC $ to be off. If your score with this (mic+bass) band method is lower than your solo bass score, you won't get the New High Score $25 bonus. So if your no-star-power FC score on Band is lower than your solo Bass score, it would be better for you to use star power. -$10 is better than -$25.
Posted by platinumpwnzor on 13 Dec 13 at 00:13