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Timed Stunt Driver

Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds

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17 Sep 2008
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I did this with the SUV at the beach there are a number of ramps (connected to the buildings on the beach) just do backflips on each one, when you get to the end of the beach turn around and do them the other way.
d3vilsNightThis is how I did it also. Easy.
Posted by d3vilsNight on 23 Mar 09 at 20:34
Count FlandersThanks for the tip. I just needed to slow it down a bit and not drive so fast on my approach to the ramp (holding B just before the ramp) and depending on how accurate I was, I either did a forward/back flip or a barrel roll.
Posted by Count Flanders on 25 May 09 at 22:22
SpectreSubZeroGreat solution, I got it on my first try doing it this way
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 09 Jun 09 at 15:48
Subjugator 22I can't believe this has so many negative votes, it works just fine. I'm sorry Khimarhi
Posted by Subjugator 22 on 28 Jan 11 at 10:45
I3lackshirts94It was a little difficult for me to go up and down the beach for me. So what I did was just picked the house furthest down the beach with the biggest ramps and just went back and forth on the ramps. It was easier since the ramps were big and easy to hit.
Posted by I3lackshirts94 on 12 Jan 14 at 08:39