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Complete all twenty single player deathmatch challenges.

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13 Apr 2009
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Anyway, the level 13 is hard and many have problems with that one, like me. However , there is an easy solution that i find on youtube. Enjoy ^^
Jackey Boy 217thanks for the help
Posted by Jackey Boy 217 on 11 Jan 10 at 18:10
Caltropsaved me from hours of torture. thanks man, appreciate it. thumbs up for sure!
Posted by Caltrop on 07 Jul 10 at 01:01
Uber Silk Roadive tried this many off times and it just crashes
Posted by Uber Silk Road on 01 Aug 10 at 22:01
paynexkiller666ive tried this many off times and it just crashes
Posted by paynexkiller666 on 06 Sep 10 at 00:27
CAP n C0RNBREADDon't get impatient and skip your turn, it just gives the others more time to kill you before sudden death, then start skipping. I learned this the hard way. Then hope it don't freeze up.
Posted by CAP n C0RNBREAD on 13 Feb 11 at 01:16
DJB Hustlinthis challenge could go to hell if you didn't do it by this method
Posted by DJB Hustlin on 11 Sep 11 at 06:59
ReliantGung hothank you, this level drove me crazy for ages.
Posted by ReliantGung ho on 28 May 12 at 15:36
Seven Clipcrashed on the last guy :(
Posted by Seven Clip on 13 Apr 13 at 02:56
Tanelorn82Wow. Thanks. Great solution. Their last remaining worm had broken the wall and had access to my last guy. I shotguned him !
Posted by Tanelorn82 on 26 Nov 13 at 03:47
Malicious FuryBe sure to try it normally first - I was able to beat it on my first try and that's way quicker. Start with your mines and dynamite, then use the rope to go wherever you need to go, and use the shotgun to get two shots per turn. Mastering the rope maneuvering is key
Posted by Malicious Fury on 05 Dec 16 at 04:40
Lazy with StyleChallenge 13: Got it normally in my 5th try (with early quitting). Of course you need a bit of luck but still doable.
Posted by Lazy with Style on 06 Sep 17 at 21:08
SincereSeeker6challenge 12 is also very difficult, considering it is the same thing except the worms are 10 health lower. I beat it normally however, after a few tries. I dont think you can use the same strategy because the top is open If they made it so that the worms go after the opposing teams and not just you (when there is 4 teams) then it would be more fair instead of 3 teams against you.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 12 May 20 at 14:08
This achievement is really hard
Posted on 07 Jul 20 at 05:30
ManulelsThis was LITERALLY a headache
Posted by Manulels on 26 Aug at 00:04
Manulels, tell me about it!
Posted on 26 Aug at 12:04